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Fantasy Life
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 08-07-2020 / 22:04 GMT

Go and meet the Fisherman Sage

As you can tell by his name, the Fisherman Sage is an extremely dedicated Angler.

To begin your angling adventure, you need to learn the ropes from the Fisherman Sage, Angler expert extraordinaire. You can find him fishing day and night outside a shack in West Castele .

From Castele Square, take the south exit into South Castele. Next, carry on south down the road until you reach a crossroads with a handy Save crystal nearby, then head west into the next area.

Upon arrival in West Castele, head to your left to find the fishing shack, then go past it to the wooden pier and speak to the Fisherman Sage at the end.

After almost scaring you off, the Fisherman Sage gives you the Guppy Rod to get you started.

Go and speak to the fisherman, Isaac

Your first task as an Angler is to catch a simple Castele Crucian. Before you can do that though, you need to know how and Isaac , a fisherman who's standing in front of the shack (which happens to be his house) can tell you.

Go to the Castele Crucian fishing spot

With Isaac in tow, return to South Castele the way you came and head back to the central crossroads. This time, follow the road south until you reach the second bridge over a stream.

Isaac will direct your attention to the silhouette of a fish in the stream south from the bridge--this is where you need to cast your fishing rod.

Finally, Isaac will teach you the Fishing skill, which you sorely need. Now you're ready to begin!

Try to catch a Castele Crucian

Before you do anything, equip the Guppy's Rod by opening the Menu and navigating to the " Gear " section, then equip it as a Tool.

To begin fishing, approach the fish silhouette while on land and press the A button when you see the fishing prompt above your head. If you don't see a prompt, try moving to a better position.

Fishing is quite unlike the other two gathering Lives.

If you did it right, your character will cast a line at the fish. Now you must play the waiting game; patiently wait for the fish to bite, then as soon as it does, press the A button once more to begin reeling it in.

You'll know when the fish bites when you notice these three signs: an exclamation mark over your head, the lure sinking below the water and a loud sinking sound. Try to be quick as you'll lose the fish if you're slow.

To reel in the fish, continue holding the A button until the fish's HP reaches 0. When this occurs, the fish will cease resisting and flop onto the ground next to you, ready to be picked up with the A button.

If you somehow fail to catch a Castele Crucian and there isn't a fish silhouette in the stream, talk to the nearby cat to make them reappear again.

Go and see Isaac

Once you've caught a Castele Crucian like you were asked, speak to Isaac nearby to show him your catch.

See the fish merchant in the Shopping District

You're probably at least a tiny bit pleased with yourself right now, but the fun isn't over yet. While your crucian is still fresh, you want to sell it to the fish merchant in the Castele Shopping District .

Make your way north back to Castele Square, then go west over and past the guild office into the Shopping District. The fish merchant is the first one on your left; you can't miss the unmistakable smell of fish.

For your information, you can sell fish anywhere, not just at the fish merchant. Don't ask why an equipment store needs fish; this is a RPG.

Go and see the customer at the inn

Just try not to bite off more than you can chew.

Apparently a customer came to the fish merchant earlier asking for a rare Applefish . Being the hot-headed Angler you are, you're probably thinking that an Applefish is no problem for you.

In that case, head back to Castele Square and visit the inn, opposite Pam's house to the left. Inside, speak to Seabury to hear his Applefish woes.

Go and see the Fisherman Sage

It's decided: you're looking for an Applefish. Except, of course, you've got no idea where to find it. But if there's one person who might, it's the Fisherman Sage.

Head south back to South Castele, then west into West Castele, and speak to the Fisherman Sage who hasn't budged an inch since you last saw him.

Get some information from the cats in the square

Even the Fisherman Sage has no idea where to find an Applefish, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a plan. Where Anglers fail, cats prevail.

Make your way back to Castele Square once more, this time heading east past Pam's house and towards the water's side. A cat called Trout will join your party and lead you to where Applefish can be found.

Go to the fishing spot by the apple tree

Return to the South Castele crossroad (which is proving to be a popular spot) and head east, past Giles's Farm, stopping just before the entrance to East Castele. Now go north over the bridge to the small island in the corner.

Try to catch an Applefish

Where there are apple trees, you can find Applefish. Sounds logical enough. Approach the fishing spot to the left and cast your line.

Small fry are easy to catch, but bigger and higher level fish will take a bit more effort. Not only do they have more HP, but they're prone to struggling.

Fish don't want to be caught, so obviously they'll fight back.

As soon as you begin, observe your line gauge in the top-left corner of the screen. You should see the indicator slowly move from left to right; should it reach all the way to the right, your line will snap and the fish will escape.

To avoid this scenario, let go of the A button to relax your line and allow the indicator to steadily return to the left. Then feel free to continue pulling with the A button when the indicator is at a safer level.

Be wary that struggling fish will cause the indicator to move to the right at a quicker pace. To counter this effect, hold the Circle Pad in the same direction as the direction arrows overlayed over your character until the fish stops struggling.

Deliver the fish to Seabury at the inn

After hopefully landing your prized Applefish, return to Seabury in the inn in Castele Square. As thanks, you'll receive 500 Dosh , enough for a decent meal.

Report back to the Fisherman Sage

With that good deed done, it's time to report back to the Fisherman Sage, who's still fishing in his usual spot in West Castele. Well, he isn't the Fisherman "Sage" for nothing...

Impressed with your results, the Fisherman Sage will dub you a Fledgling Angler . Now your angling adventure properly begins!

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