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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 07-07-2020 / 08:39 GMT

In the previous set of Flutter's Requests, you were taught everything you needed to know about Lunares Coins. But for your convenience, we've compiled all that knowledge here, plus some tips to help with gathering and spending.

How to Obtain Lunares Coins

Silver or gold; they're both useful.

To clarify, you can only obtain Lunares Coins after completing the Origin Island story (after seeing the second credits). After doing so, you can acquire coins via the following methods:

Pam's Requests :

Speak to Pam in her house and she'll give you a request that involves bringing her a certain number of a certain item. The item she asks for can be any item from the game, ranging from common HP Potions to super-rare drops.

Satisfy her request and she'll give you 2 Silver Lunares Coins , with the number rising to 3 and, finally, 5 Silver Lunares Coins if you complete consecutive requests.

Pam will only hand out one request per day, so if you want to tackle a new one, you can sleep in an inn or your house to advance to the next day and therefore get a new request.

If you cannot for the life of you obtain an item or don't like the request, you can decline it after accepting it. After this, you can receive a new request the next day, like usual.

Special Requests

Upon reaching God Rank in a particular Life, speak to your Life master and he/she will give you a "Special Request", which involves using your Life's talents to the max. For example, the Special Request for a Paladin asks you to slay a super-strong Ancient Napdragon.

The first time you complete a Special Request, you will earn 3 Gold Lunares Coins. After this, you can accept and complete the same request, but you will earn 1 Gold Lunares Coin each time.

Silver Lunares Coins have their own unique prizes too, but once you no longer need them...


This chap standing near the Origin Island Goddess Statue will happily exchange 4 Silver Lunares Coins for 1 Gold Lunares Coin.

There is no real disadvantage to exchanging coins, so feel free to use Fred's services after amassing many silver coins from Pam's Requests.

How to Spend Lunares Coins

Likewise, you can only spend Lunares Coins after completing the Origin Island story. Makes sense, right? Afterwards, you can spend them at:

Exchange Clerk

Oh wow, she's awake now! If you speak to the Exchange Clerk in the bottom-left corner of Pam's house, you can exchange Gold Lunares Coins for exclusive items.

Note that these items can only be exchanged once (unless you sell them) and they sadly cannot be gifted via StreetPass or multiplayer.

Goddess Statues

In each major settlement in Reveria and Origin Island (sans the Plushling Camp... poor guys), you can find a Goddess Statue.

  • Castele: Town Square - north of the central plaza
  • Port Puerto: Marina - near the south exit
  • Al Maajik: Sandtown - near the north exit
  • Elderwood: Village - near the south exit
  • Origin Island: Rocky Hill Shrine - towards the west side

When you inspect one of these Goddess Statues, you can offer Silver or Gold Lunares Coins to obtain random prizes. One coin gives you one prize, with Gold coins generally required for better prizes.

Each Goddess Statue has its own unique prize pool; to find the list of prizes, choose the "Check prizes" option before offering a Lunares Coin.

Beware! The Lunares Coin prizes are pre-determined, so even if you save your game before offering a coin and reload your save file in hopes of getting different prizes, you will always get the exact same sequence of prizes.

To further add insult to injury, it is possible to get duplicate prizes.

Tips for Gathering Coins

To really rake in the Lunares Coins, you'll need two 3DSes or a nearby friend.

For most people, there is no easy way to quickly gather Lunares Coins, but some ways are definitely quicker than others...

To begin with, Pam's Requests can be a great way to earn coins, particularly if you can complete consecutive requests to get 5 silver coins each time.

That said, your mileage will vary as a result of the sheer randomness of her requests--if you're lucky, you may get lots of easy requests, but if you're unlucky you could be asked to bring items from Special Request bosses...

Speaking of Special Requests, they are undoubtedly the best way to earn Gold coins, at least for the first time you complete each request. There are 12 Special Requests, so you can earn 12 times 3 or 36 Gold Lunares Coins for doing them the first time.

For subsequent completions, you only get 1 gold coin, which is a massive drop off, considering the time and effort needed for some requests, but it's not too bad since you know what's coming.

From experience, the Tailor and Woodcutter Special Requests are probably the quickest and easiest ones to do. For the former, you can keep warping back to the Levitania Holiday Home and sleeping to quickly respawn the boss and gather spots.

Meanwhile, if you craft Special Tree Damage++ onto an axe using the Goddess's Bead (gathered from the fountains on the 1st floor of each Ancient Tower trial) and a God material, you can fell the Millenial Tree in a few axe swings if you're good.

But if you have two or more 3DS consoles with DLC installed, you can easily farm Lunares Coins by accepting the Angler's Special Request and fishing the Poseidon Swordfish, then duplicate it multiple times using StreetPass.

To make things even easier, you can stack up to 99 Poseidon Swordfish and send the entire stack as a gift. That's potentially 99 Gold Lunares Coins per StreetPass!

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