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Fantasy Life
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 04-07-2020 / 11:00 GMT

Talk to Ahab the fisherman

You may need to treasure hunt at night is what he's saying.

You didn't find Olivia, but there is one Mister Ahab to the south-west. Let's go and see what he's up to...

Seems like Ahab is more than he lets on and he poses a riddle that may help with your treasure hunt.

Go to Tortuga Archipelago

Olivia arrives at the scene just after Ahab leaves; talk about good timing. Now that everyone's ready, to Tortuga Archipelago we go! Return to the Save crystal from before and head south, across the pier, to find it.

Before leaving on your adventure, we recommend resting in the inn to change the time of day to night. You can earn a little Bliss this way too. In case you didn't notice it, the inn is located in the Marina to the left of the Palace Way entrance.

Find the legendary treasure

This next part would be much harder if there wasn't the red arrow on the bottom screen to follow. So head in a north-westerly direction, which will take you towards the Shipwreck . Mind the zombies along the way!

Just before you reach the wreckage, you'll be ambushed by some shadowy monsters.

Smash the Doom Stone!

Where shadowy monsters are around, there must be a Doom Stone nearby--this time it's near the top-left corner.

As with the pirates, you've got another two on three fight on your hands. It's up to you whether to take out the Shadowy Sharks first or use Olivia as a decoy to smash the Doom Stone.

Enter the Shipwreck

With the sharks no longer shadowy, the door to the Shipwreck mysteriously clicks open. Let's press on while we can!

Search for the pirate treasure

The beam of light is from Lunares, the moon. Make sense?

Inside the Shipwreck, you and Olivia will temporarily split up so you can search the Shipwreck faster.

Assuming you followed our advice and came here at night, towards the south there's a beam of ligh t shining down onto a crack in the floor. Remember Ahab's riddle? We think you should inspect that particular crack.

Ta-da! You'll uncover the Great Pirate's Journal .

Rest at the Port Puerto Inn

The journal wasn't quite the treasure you were seeking, but it's been a long day, so head for the inn to rest your weary body.

If you haven't been, just keep heading north, into the Marina and stop just before the Palace Way entrance: it's to your left.

Olivia's already paid for you, so get yourself some good rest.

Meet Olivia at the Pirate Port

The next day you'll find Olivia standing past the entrance to the Pirate Port.

Go to the Port Puerto lighthouse

Poor Olivia still has things on her mind, but Ahab might just have the key to unlocking her problems. He wants you over at the lighthouse, so don't keep him waiting too long.

Head back to the Beach District, then head west from the Save crystal and up the slope, towards Elise's Lighthouse .

Go to the Port Puerto Palace Parlour

Two Goddess's Treasures obtained; one more to go!

Congratulations! You helped resolve Olivia's inner conflict and got yourself the Goddess's Anchor too!

Your job isn't done just yet though, as you still need an official reply to King Erik's Letter. Make haste to the Palace Parlour where Andy was previously.

Report to King Erik

Now you can go home, after receiving Olivia's Letter .

Use the Map to warp to the Guild Office or your home at Castele, then return to King Erik at the Royal Court. As a reward for your first-class service, you'll be given 5000 Dosh .

Report back to Pam

Finally, you can't exactly leave Pam in the dark. Head back outside to find her standing outside her house like usual.

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