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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:58 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 31-05-2020 / 04:36 GMT

Fantasy Life Guide

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DLC: Trials and Treasures

Ancient Tower Tips

The Ancient Tower is tough, but great fun for high Level players.

If it wasn't already clear from your visit to the Ancient Tower during the Origin Island story, the Ancient Tower is nuts.

Inside, you must navigate multiple maze-like floors filled with monsters far stronger than even those wandering outside Origin Island.

The Trials

After completing the Origin Island story and speaking to Celestia at the top of the tower, you can opt to challenge three individual trials, which are similar to--but harder than--your story visit.

**Trial** **Unlock** **Floors**
Trial of Time By default; accessed via west wing 8
Trial of Darkness Level 75; accessed via east wing 10
Trial of Light Level 100; accessed via north wing 12


Like during your story run, you cannot Save inside the tower except on the penultimate floor, right before the final boss floor.

As such, make sure to put a lot of time aside before entering a trial and doubly sure you're properly kitted up and have all the essential healing items.

You can, however, exit the tower at any time, by using the Map. Just note that you'll have to start from the beginning--you cannot instantly return to your previous floor.

Before tackling the trials, we recommend being a God or, at least, God-in-Training in a combat Life. Also, bring along a pair of dependable allies, such as your Life masters or Yuelia.

If you have friends who play Fantasy Life (and have the DLC), you can even tackle the trials in local or online multiplayer. Playing with actual people is generally the best solution, especially if they're at a similar Level.

Inside the Tower

To assist you, we've included highly-detailed maps for all the maze-y floors of the tower.

Despite initial appearances, don't fret: the layout of each floor is actually fixed and does not change each time you enter the tower. However, there is some rather coy recycling of assets, which can give that illusion.

Like in your story visit, advancing to the next floor isn't complicated at all; each floor has exactly two warp circles--one is the entrance you came from and the other the exit to the next floor.

However, to test your mettle, there are many parts where you must defeat a boss monster to remove the barrier to the next warp circle. So, although you can run from most encounters, you must do battle eventually.

The floors generally alternate between indoors and outdoors, with the outdoor maps being the easiest to navigate (simply a case of travelling east to west or vice versa).

On the penultimate floor, you can finally save your game and also restock on items by speaking to the Fluffkin salesman, before advancing to the final boss floor.

After defeating the final boss, you can inspect the goddess statue at the end to return to the bottom floor of the tower, ready for your next adventure.


To reward your efforts, you will find a number of treasure chests inside the tower--these all contain random items. In particular, the chests on the top floor are known to yield super-rare items, such as God materials .

Of course, since there are boss monsters, you can also expect many bounties. Annoyingly, bounty clerks are few and far between, appearing around halfway and on the penultimate floor of the tower.

To further add to the annoyance, you very often have to defeat multiple bosses before reaching a bounty clerk; because of the three bounty limit, you will have to sacrifice (i.e. break) some lesser bounties.

But if you manage to successfully cash in some bounties, you can earn some really nice items, including items required to craft superior equipment.

Most of the best things are at the top of the tower.

Lastly, if you manage to complete the Trial of Light in single-player, you can invite Celestia to your party.

A Cheat...

For those feeling a bit sneaky, there is a quick way to instantly return to the top floor of the tower, but it will require you to shamefully keel over.

First, Save your game at the save crystal on the penultimate floor. After beating the boss on the top floor, exit the tower and then Sleep in an inn or your house to skip ahead to the next day. Now go outside and get yourself killed. The easiest way is probably to enter a tower trial or go to the site of a Special Request. When the "Continue" screen appears, choose to return to the last place you saved. Ta-da! You're back at the penultimate floor of the tower! Why would you want to go back up? Well, you can raid the rare apple trees to the east and west, plus you can fight the final boss again and quickly get the bounty and treasure chest rewards.

Note : If you don't Sleep, the final boss won't spawn and neither will the treasure chests on the top floor. However you can still take advantage of the apple trees and the chests on the penultimate floor.

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