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Fantasy Life
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 03-07-2020 / 13:36 GMT

Fantasy Life

Sep 2014 · 3 weeks ago · 1.1

God-in-Training Rank

  • **Life Bonus** : Strength +10, Dexterity +20
  • **To Next Rank** : 10000 Stars
  • **New Skills** : Backstep, Fading Shot


**Challenge** **Description** **Stars**
Nectar of the Gods Defeat 10 Godbees in Origin Island's Central Grasslands as a Hunter 1500
Horn of the Gods Defeat 10 Elder Horns in Origin Island's Central Grasslands as a Hunter 1500
The Undying Predator Defeat 10 Greywing Pterosaurs in Origin Island's Rocky Hill Shrine as a Hunter 1500
Penguin Prince Defeat 5 Penguin Grooms in Origin Island's Penguin Beach as a Hunter 1500
Penguin Princess Defeat 5 Penguin Brides in Origin Island's Penguin Beach as a Hunter 1500
The Divine Bird Defeat 1 Heaven Bird in Origin Island's Penguin Beach, then cash in the bounty as a Hunter 2500


The challenges you must face before becoming a God Hunter are fairly by the numbers, asking you to hunt a variety of exotic monsters around Origin Island.

Of course, even the weakest monster on Origin Island packs a punch if you're not careful. However, if you got this far, you should know how to use your Hunter skills (i.e. ranged combat) to your advantage.

Only the Penguin Bride will lead to any foreseeable delays--these pretty, pink penguins are an uncommon spawn, so you'll have to re-enter Penguin Beach a couple of times to nail all five.

Heaven's nice and all, but now's a bit early to be ending your Hunter career.

For your final challenge, you must take on a Heaven Bird , found in the far north-west corner of Penguin Beach, and come out on top.

From its appearance, you should recognise it as a distant cousin of Bigbeak and its aviary kin. So you can expect to use similar strategies for tackling the previous Bigbeaks for this one.

To warm up, the Heaven Bird may thrust itself forward slightly to attack. This attack has little warning, but can be avoided if you're smart and keep your distance.

It may also screech, interrupting your movements if you're directly in front, then blast a ball of lightning forward, inflicting Stun. Normally you ought to be able to avoid this attack, but do bring along an ally who can cure Stun (eg. Yuelia), just in case.

Occasionally, the Heaven Bird will pause briefly then slap with its wings several times, while also blasting wind forward. The wing slaps hurt much harder than the wind (makes sense); the latter is mainly there to knock you backward.

Towards the half HP mark, the Heaven Bird may screech with four lightning balls above it, then dive bomb forward to inflict heavy damage. If you weren't already running when you heard a screech, you should definitely do so now.

The trickiest part of this battle is the tiny arena, which leaves little room for you to manouevere. But if you have two durable allies, you should find enough chances to attack the bird when it's not looking your way.

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