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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 11-07-2020 / 03:38 GMT

Give your items more "bang" with some well-placed additional materials.

In addition to the base materials required to craft items, once you're an Expert or higher, you can add "additional materials" to your recipes.

These materials can be purchased from certain shops or obtained from monsters or gathering spots. When added to a recipe, they will slightly improve the item's stats or an an extra effect.

List of Additional Materials

**Material** **Used For** **Effect**
Ancient Stone Tool Crafting S. Skill Rate +25%
Ancient Stone+ Tool Crafting S. Skill Rate +30%
Apple Appliqué Clothing Luck +1
Attack Upgrade Stone Weapon Attack +5
Attack Upgrade Stone+ Weapon Attack +10
Berserk Stone Weapon S. Skill Rate+ w/o armour
Berserk Stone+ Weapon S. Skill Rate++ w/armour
Celestial Leaf Axe S. Skill Rate+ (axe)
Celestial Scales Fishing Rod S. Skill Rate+
Criticaline Weapon Critical Rate+
Criticaline+ Weapon Critical Rate++
Dragon Shard Pick Axe Great Deposit Damage+
Dark Scales Fishing Rod Sky Fish Damage+
Dark Stone Pick Axe Special Deposit Damage+
Def. Upgrade Stone Armour Defence +5
Def. Upgrade Stone+ Armour Defence +10
**Material** **Used For** **Effect**
Divine Stone Pick Axe Sweet Spot Strike Power+
Divinus Appliqué Clothing God Time+
Dragon Appliqué Clothing Strength +1
Earth Mana Weapon/Armour Earth Element+
Earth Mana+ Weapon/Armour Earth Element++
Energising Stone Accessory S. Skill Charge Rate +10%
Energising Stone+ Accessory S. Skill Charge Rate +20%
Evil Shard Pick Axe S. Skill Rate+ (Pickaxe)
Fairy Appliqué Clothing Intelligence +1
Fire Mana Weapon/Armour Fire Element+
Fire Mana+ Weapon/Armour Fire Element++
Focus Gem Axe/Pick Axe Sweet Spot Area+
Focus Gem+ Axe/Pick Axe Sweet Spot Area++
Forest Lordfish Moss Fishing Rod Freshwater Fish Damage+
Fossil Shard Pick Axe Superior Deposit Damage+
Giant Claw Fishing Rod Strike Damage+
**Material** **Used For** **Effect**
Giant Fang Axe Boss Tree Damage+
Giant Horn Pick Axe Boss Deposit Damage+
Giant Scale Fishing Rod Charged Attack Power+
Giant Scale Gathering Tool Charged Attack Power+
Giant Tail Fishing Rod Line Gauge Recovery++
Giant Tree Nuts Axe Giant Tree Damage+
Goddess's Bead Axe Special Tree Damage+
Godfish Moss Fishing Rod Line Resistance+
Golden Fin Fishing Rod Giant Fish Chance++
Guardine Shield Guard Rate+
Guardine+ Shield Guard Rate++
Hero Appliqué Clothing Focus +1
Icy Scales Fishing Rod Lava Fish Damage+
M. Def. Upgrade Armour Stone Magic Defence +5
M. Def. Upgrade Stone+ Armour Magic Defence +10
Magic Upgrade Stone Staff Magic Attack +5
**Material** **Used For** **Effect**
Magic Upgrade Stone+ Staff Magic Attack +10
Other-Worldly Fin Fishing Rod All Fish Damage+
Other-Worldly Leaf Axe S. Skill Rate+ (axe)
Pirate Appliqué Clothing Dexterity +1
Poison Powder Accessory Poison Resistance
Princess Appliqué Clothing SP Recovery Speed+
Protection Stone Shield Max HP +20
Protection Stone+ Shield Max HP +30
Qualitine Tool Higher Quality Rate +1%
Qualitine+ Tool Higher Quality Rate +5%
Rainbow Mana Weapon/Armour All Elements+
Rainbow Mana+ Weapon/Armour All Elements++
Royal Appliqué Clothing Max HP +10
Shield Appliqué Clothing Vitality +1
Sleep Powder Accessory Sleep Resistance
Soul Stone Tool Tool Power +15
**Material** **Used For** **Effect**
Soul Stone+ Tool Tool Power +20
Spell Stone Staff SP Recovery Speed+
Spell Stone+ Staff SP Recovery Speed++
Stun Powder Accessory Stun Resistance
Subterranean Scales Fishing Rod Sea Fish Damage+
Swordfish Fin Fishing Rod Giant Fish Chance+
Tool Upgrade Stone Tool Tool Power +5
Tool Upgrade Stone+ Tool Tool Power +10
Volcanic Fin Fishing Rod Ice Fish Damage+
Water Mana Weapon/Armour Water Element+
Water Mana+ Weapon/Armour Water Elemend++
Wind Mana Weapon/Armour Wind Element+
Wind Mana+ Weapon/Armour Wind Element++

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    Role-playing, Social simulation
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    8 September 2014
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    12 June 2020
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    Vincent Lau

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