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Fantasy Life
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 08-04-2020 / 05:54 GMT

Fantasy Life Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information


Master Rank

  • **Life Bonus** : Intelligence +12, Dexterity +6
  • **To Next Rank** : 12000 Stars
  • **New Skills** : Insta-Mix


**Challenge** **Description** **Stars**
Fantabulous Flask Make 1 Sol Flask 400
Charge! Make 3 Charge Up Aids 1000
Critical Damage Make 3 Crit Aids 1000
Mega First Aid Make 3 Mega Aids 1000
Cute Red Frames Make 1 high-quality Red-Rimmed Glasses 500
Frosty Flask Make 1 Icicle Flask 400
Flamel's Fixation Make 3 Love Bombs 3300
The Alacritous Alchemist Make 20 items using automatically obtained Master recipes 600
Elixir of Life Make 1 high-quality Elixir 2800
A Little Genius Make 1 high-quality Mini Specs 550
Flying Flask Make 1 Bolt Flask 400
Flamel's Furore Make 1 high-quality Love Bomb 3000

You can learn how to make Love Bombs from love-struck Rupert in Castele Square. For the Elixir recipe, interrogate Snooze in his lab on the west side of the Al Maajik Sandtown. Finally, grill Flamel for the instructions for the Bolt Flask .


Your contributions to science don’t end even though you’re a Master; get ready for more spontaneous explosions before you’ve reached the pinnacle of Alchemy.

Soulweed for the Mega Aids can be bought from Elderwood Village or gathered from Cacto Cove or the Deep Elderwood. Legendweed for Elixirs is not sold by any shop, but can be found growing all across Levitania.

Running Flowers , Energising Flowers and Lucky Flowers can be found by picking the white flowers (with three buds) in Port Puerto or Farley’s Plantation. If you’re unlucky, you can buy them from the fairy east of Florina’s House in the West Grassy Plains with the "Mysterious Fairy" Bliss Bonus.

For Big Tails , speak to the Mercenary merchant towards the west side of the Al Maajik Spelltown (near the holiday home). Pink Gel isn’t sold, occasionally appearing after defeating a rare Lovely Jelling on the sands of Cacto Cove.

If your Alchemy stat needs improving, try crafting one of the new flasks.

When it’s time to make the flasks, all the gems are sold by the Al Maajik ore merchant, so long as you have the Desert Shopping+ bonus (you must have it by now).

Sun Clusters for the Sol Flask rarely drop from the Sand Golem in Drysand Desert, the Ironstone Golem in the Subterranean Lake or the Gilded Golem in the Ancient Ruins (central branch).

Moon Clusters for the Icicle Flask can be gotten from the Turtanic and Electro Jellyfish in Tortuga Archipelago (the latter appears at night), and King Gel from the Jellking in the Deepsea Cave to the south.

Star Clusters for the Bolt Flask drop from the Fairy Dragons in the Napdragon’s Nest (to the north-east of the Mt. Snowpeak Summit) and the Starry Catterpillo that appears near the top of Cacto Cove at night.

After completing the game and reaching Level 45, you can buy the clusters from the salesplush in the Starlight Garden too.

Looking for Magma Ore ? Pay a visit to the mole in the Royal Cabin Well on Mt. Snowpeak Summit. Marine Ore ? Try the merchant in the north-east corner of Tortuga Archipelago.

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    8 September 2014
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