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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 04-07-2020 / 10:19 GMT

Some of the best gear takes a lot of luck and patience to acquire.

Here, we'll list some of the best equipment in the game--equipment that will make the high-end challenges less of a... challenge. Of course, until you reach this stage, you'll do mostly fine with equipment you craft yourself or purchase from shops.

Note : Unsurprisingly, most of the best items are DLC-exclusive; if you don't have the DLC, this list is a bit useless...

General Purpose

If you're looking for ways to speed up experience gain, skill growth or finding super-rare items, these items are perfect for you.

Of note, the Monarch's Stone and Sun Ring are literally great for all purposes--whether it's during battle, gathering or crafting.

**Equipment** **Obtained** **Note**
Fanciful Feet Exchange Clerk Experience x2
Treasure Gloves Exchange Clerk Drops from red chests x2
Sun Ring Exchange Clerk Special Skill charge rate x2
Paladin's Pride (etc.) Exchange Clerk Paladin skill growth x2 (etc.)
Elise's Talisman Port Puerto Goddess Statue Battle experience+++
Yuelia's Talisman Origin Island Goddess Statue Crafting experience+++
Noelia's Talisman Origin Island Goddess Statue Gathering experience+++
Plushling Backpack Origin Island Goddess Statue Item drop rate++++
Monarch's Stone God Alchemist All Stats +7
Festive Hat Post Office Password Item drop rate+
**Equipment** **Obtained** **Note**
Festive Shoes Post Office Password Item drop rate+
Cute Ribbon Dress Post Office Password Skill growth+
Princely Crown Post Office Password Crafting experience+
Princely Boots Post Office Password Gathering experience+
Princely Cape Post Office Password Battle experience+


Need help slaying some annoying boss monsters? These legendary weapons and armour are bound to come in handy in a pinch.

Besides what's listed, also try crafting elemental resistances and ailment immunities to your armours or accessories using Additional Materials and/or God Materials.

**Equipment** **Obtained** **Note**
Dragon King's Sword Castele Goddess Statue Highest Attack
Dragon King's Shield Castele Goddess Statue Highest Defence
Dragon King's Helm Castele Goddess Statue Attack +30
**Equipment** **Obtained** **Note**
Sword of Heroes Blacksmith Special Request God Mode++
Furia del Mar Port Puerto Goddess Statue Highest Attack
Sea Lord's Helm Port Puerto Goddess Statue Attack +30
Spirit King's Bow Elderwood Goddess Statue Highest Attack
Spirit King's Helm Elderwood Goddess Statue Attack +30
Dark Sultan's Staff Al Maajik Goddess Statue Highest Magic Attack
Dark Sultan's Helm Al Maajik Goddess Statue Attack +30
Odin's Gloves Al Maajik Goddess Statue Attack +15
Bandit Boots Castele Goddess Statue Strength +10
Mysterious Hat Post Office Password Magic Attack +30
Mysterious Robe Post Office Password Magic Attack +20
Mysterious Boots Post Office Password Magic Attack +20
Djinn Talisman Alchemist Special Request Attack +30


They're just standing there waiting to be hit, but some boss deposits or trees won't go down without a good fight. For extra-sturdy bosses, try these specialised tools on them...

**Equipment** **Obtained** **Note**
Spirit Pickaxe God Blacksmith Special Deposit Damage+
Meteor Axe God Carpenter Special Tree Damage+
Star Fishing Rod God Carpenter All Fish Damage+
Pino's Hat Elderwood Goddess Statue Rare drops+ (gathering)
Buccaneer's Headband Port Puerto Goddess Statue All Fish Damage+
Buccaneer's Costume Port Puerto Goddess Statue Rare fish rate+
Celestial Outfit Origin Island Goddess Statue Sweet spot strike power++
Celestial Gloves Origin Island Goddess Statue Special Deposit Damage++
Celestial Shoes Origin Island Goddess Statue Special Tree Damage++
Celestial Wings Origin Island Goddess Statue Charged attack power++


For high-level crafting, the only thing you really care about is building up your Special Skill gauge as fast as possible to unleash your awesome God Skill. The Sun Ring will help massively too.

**Equipment** **Obtained** **Note**
Clockwork Hammer God-in-Training Blacksmith Crafting S. Skill rate +25%
Vogue Needle God-in-Training Blacksmith Crafting S. Skill rate +25%
Plume Saw God-in-Training Carpenter Crafting S. Skill rate +25%
Phoenix Frying Pan God-in-Training Blacksmith Crafting S. Skill rate +25%
Big Bang Flask God-in-Training Alchemist Crafting S. Skill rate +25%
Leilah's Floral Circlet Elderwood Goddess Statue Crafting S. Skill rate +25%
Leilah's Dress Elderwood Goddess Statue Tool Power +25

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