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Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-09-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 13-08-2020 / 00:31 GMT

Go and meet the Tailor master, Madam Purl

The Tailor's workshop looks a lot different to the Blacksmith's and Carpenter's.

So you're interested in the world of fashion? Before you can create your own designer label, you must first try and impress Madam Purl, the Tailor master, whose quarters are in the Royal Castele Workshop.

Having changed into your smart Tailor attire, take the east exit out of Castele Square and into the Castele Artisans' District . When you emerge, the Royal Workshop is the large building directly to your north.

Inside the workshop, you'll find there's more going on than just tailoring; there's smithing in the west wing and carpentry in the east wing. You're a Tailor right now, so make your way to the end of the building where the Tailors' workshop is.

Madam Purl is the lady in the top-left corner; she will kindly give you a Training Needle and the recipe for Dandelion Cotton so you can get to grips with sewing.

Speak to Spoolie in the workshop

To make the Dandelion Cotton, you'll need a bit more than just a needle; speak to Spoolie the plushling in the same room to see what else is needed.

Go and see Taylor in West Castele

Of course, you need some Dandelion Puffs to make the cotton. According to Spoolie, a woman called Taylor can get you some puffs, but she's all the way in West Castele.

Standing around here isn't going to solve anything, so leave the Royal Workshop and return west to Castele Square. There's more than one way to West Castele, but for simplicity's sake head south from the plaza towards South Castele .

In this rural part of Castele, continue south across the bridge, stopping at the central crossroads where there's a save crystal nearby. From here, head all the way west to reach West Castele.

Upon arrival, you can find the choir hall where Taylor is directly north. Taylor is standing outside and, as it happens, she has some spare Dandelion Puffs for you.

Go back to the workshop and speak to Spoolie

You got what you came here for, so head all the way back to the Royal Workshop. It's a lot of distance to cover, but consider it warm up exercise for all the sewing you have to do soon. When you're "home" show Spoolie what you found.

Use your skills to make some Dandelion Cotton

Threading without a needle is pretty hard, if not impossible.

Spoolie teaches you the Sewing skill, so you can finally do some tailoring. Before that though, you need to equip the Training Needle by opening the Menu and going to the "Gear" section.

Once you're equipped for the job, inspect the work table in the middle to get started. You've got all the necessary materials to make Dandelion Cotton, so select it as your recipe from the Materials section.

At this point, if you haven't tried a crafting Life before, pay attention to the instructions.

Your work table is split into three sections:

  • Left: **Mash** the A button to cut the fabric with your **scissors** .
  • Centre: **Press** the A button when the moving cursor is in the centre (over the A button icon) to use the **sewing machine** .
  • Right: **Press** the A button when the moving cursor is in the centre (over the A button icon) to thread with your **needle** .

Note : The moving cursor moves faster on the right section (needle) compared to the middle section (sewing machine).

At the beginning of each new project, you'll start in the centre and you can move to different sections by pressing Left or Right on the D-Pad or the L or R buttons.

To make your item, you must follow the instructions shown in the bottom-left corner of the top screen, going from left to right. The instructions are random and typically look something like Needle, Scissors, Sewing Machine.

In this example, you would move right and press the A button with the correct timing, move left twice and mash the A button, then finish by moving right and timing the A button. If this makes little sense now, it will make more sense when you try it.

It doesn't get any easier than Dandelion Cotton.

Early on, there may be only one set of instructions to complete your project. However as the items get more demanding, there will be more and more steps that you must complete before you're done.

To view your progress, refer to the Completion gauge in the top-left corner. Once it reaches 100%, your item will be ready to hit the shops!

Last but not least, you have a time limit as shown by the timer in the top-right corner. Should you fail to reach 100% completion before time runs out, you will not make anything. Luckily you won't lose any materials; just your time and effort.

If that sounded messier than a tangled ball of string, don't panic! Crafting is honestly easier to do than to explain, so just give it a whirl and you should have your Dandelion Cotton made in next to no time.

Go and see Madam Purl

Good job! It won't make fashionistas envious, but you made the Dandelion Cotton like you were asked. Hurry and show it to Madam Purl to see what she thinks.

Go and speak with Zippy in the Fashion Boutique

The Dandelion Cotton was just your initial test. Here comes your real test: you'll be taught the recipe for the Fluffy Ribbon Top and given the task of making it.

A recipe is just a set of instructions and useless by itself, so prepare to leave the Royal Workshop to do some field research. Return to Castele Square to the west and enter the Castele Fashion Boutique, which is the first building to the north.

As well as Zippy, you'll meet Taylor from earlier.

See the cloth merchant in the Artisans District

With Taylor's help, finding those two ingredients should be no problem!

According to Taylor's knowledge, you can get more Dandelion Cotton from a merchant in the Castele Artisans' District. With Taylor in tow, head back east into the Artisans' District and this time head south from the Royal Workshop.

The cloth merchant who Taylor suggests is managing the first stall on your left. Seeing you two so enthusiastic to make the piece of clothing, the merchant gives you two Dandelion Cottons hassle-free.

Search for a First-Rate Tailor

Getting more Dandelion Cotton was easy, but what about the Fluffy Ribbon? Apparently a top-notch Tailor is currently visiting Castele and if you're lucky you can still find him.

Go back to busy Castele Square once more and make your way south into South Castele. This time, head east from the crossroads, going past the entrance to Giles's Farm.

Just as you've passed the farm, you'll find somebody who looks suspiciously like a "First-Rate Tailor" standing around. Well, it can't hurt to ask...

Go and speak to Dolly at the Sheep Pen

Phew, you found the right person! However he's not the type to get his hands dirty unless he has to, so continue east for a while, then enter the sheep pen along the south. Ask nicely and Dolly the sheep will let you have some Sheep Fleece .

Go and see Chic, the Tailor

You fulfilled your side of the bargain; return to Chic so he can fulfil his. Ta-da! Your Sheep Fleece is now a Fluffy Ribbon !

Go back to the workshop and speak to Spoolie

That's more than enough research; make your way back to the Tailors' area in the Royal Castele Workshop and let Spoolie know what you've learned. Spoolie will teach you Garment Tailoring , allowing you to craft the Fluffy Ribbon Top.

After this, you'll be making a lot more clothes.

You have all the tools you need, so approach the work table like before and select the Fluffy Ribbon Top as your recipe from the Tops & Bottoms section.

There are slightly more steps to making the Fluffy Ribbon Top compared to the Dandelion Cotton, but nothing extra you need to know. Just concentrate and watch your timing if there's a needle action and success should be around the corner.

Go and see Zippy in the Fashion Boutique

Congratulations! You've got one more step and that's to deliver the Fluffy Ribbon Top you just made to Zippy in the Fashion Boutique. We can't wait to see her reaction!

Oh... hang on a moment! Just as you're about to leave the workshop, Zippy comes here to find you! Well, that saves us a bit of time.

Zippy seems pleased with the top and gives you 500 Dosh as a reward.

Report back to Madam Purl

Sorry, we lied; there's one more thing left to do. Having completed your given task, speak to Madam Purl in the corner and tell her your results.

Your new Master likes what she sees and teaches you Fabric Tailoring and Misc. Tailoring to complete your skill set. For her last action of the day, she also promotes you to a Fledgling Tailor . Fashion world, here we come!

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