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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Correct Expedition Choices for Dorothea

Vincent Lau

This page outlines all the correct choices when going on an Expedition with Dorothea in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

From Chapter 5, you can invite characters to Expeditions by speaking to them at base camp, when you have a support rank of at least C. It’s essentially Three Hopes’s version of tea parties.

Choosing “Talk” will make the character bring up a random subject. Meanwhile, choosing “Question” will let you choose the subject. Either way, after the character makes a comment, you can reply with one of three dialogue choices. Only one is correct.


Comment Correct Answer
They can’t possibly get mad at us for taking a little break every now and again. Suggest it be your little secret.
I hear the opera company is doing what they can to lift people’s spirits in these dark times. Say you want to help somehow.
Would you cry if something happened to me? I mean, not that anything will, but…I’m curious. Declare that you wouldn’t let her die.
I sometimes wonder if orphans like me would be better off if the Southern Church had been restored sooner. Say you don’t know.
You don’t seem very concerned with pride. Are all mercenaries like that? Shrug your shoulders.
You are a completely different creature from me, and I never tire of observing you. Laugh and say you feel the same way.
Do you have a dream besides continuing on as a mercenary? I mean, how do you imagine your life after the war? Say you do have dreams.


Question Comment Correct Answer
Ask about their likes. I was fortunate to be invited into the opera company, where I got to sing, dance, and wear the latest finery. Smile and nod.
Ask about their dislikes. I’ve never been able to truly love myself… Ahaha! Sorry, I couldn’t hold a straight face. I actually can’t stand nobles who are infatuated with themselves. Express worry.
Ask about dreams for the future. Well, I’d love a steady income, a roguishly handsome husband—or a beautiful wife—a warm household… Hey, are you listening? Offer encouragement.
Ask about their worries. I have a great number of troubles, sadly. For example, fighting on the front lines means I can only pack so many outfits. Laugh.
Ask about their family. My mother died when I was little. But now I have the opera company, and they’ve become my family. Sympathize.
Ask about memories of the past. Please don’t make me think about the past. It wasn’t a pleasant time for me. Act dependable.
Ask about their friends. Well, they’re all of impressive enough lineage, but… Oh, sorry, we’re talking about marriage prospects, right? Look confused.
Ask about preferred fighting style. It’s gruesome to say, but I prefer magic because it feels the least like I’m taking a life. Express worry.
Ask what they think of you. Why, are you fishing for compliments? Well then, I think you’re someone I can rely on. Blush.
Ask what they think of you. Wouldn’t you like to know. Sorry, not telling! Speculate.
Ask about any personal news. Not great. Life has been one battle after another, and it’s all rather depressing to think about. Act dependable.
Ask about any personal news. I’m actually having a wonderful day. Something nice happened to me earlier, you see. Smile.


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