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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

How to Farm Gold Fast in Three Hopes

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail the many different ways that you can farm Gold in Fire Emblem Three Hopes.

Gold is a valuable resource in Fire Emblem Three Hopes, as it is used for a lot of things. You will need it to purchase items from the shopkeepers, help upgrade the various facilities at your base, and even use it to level up weaker characters. Unfortunately, Gold is not as easy to come by as you might expect, since you don’t earn a whole lot from the various battles. It’s very easy to be left with no Gold at all, especially if you’re doing something like trying to level up weaker characters.

(1 of 2) Youll need Gold to do a lot of things, like repairing broken weapons at the blacksmith

Youll need Gold to do a lot of things, like repairing broken weapons at the blacksmith (left), as well as leveling up weaker characters (right)

To break some bad news, there is no surefire way to go from zero Gold to the maximum amount in one battle, so you will have to actually earn it. Gold will be very tight towards the beginning of the game, as the surefire way to earn it is just by doing battles. Once you unlock the ability to replay battles with the Record Keeper, then you will start being able to farm for Gold more easily. It isn’t really until you unlock a certain character and/or class that the Gold will pretty much become doubled or high during each battle.

What Does Despoil Do?

The Assassin class will have Despoil, which is great for farming Gold

There are two abilities in the game that help with earning more Gold during battles. The first is tied to the Assassin class, with the ability being called Despoil. Note that not every character will be able to learn Despoil, though, so you won’t be able to combine it with the other money-making ability (at least, not without the Merc Whistle). So, what exactly does Despoil do? Well, you will earn more Gold as you rack up kills. That means the more kills you get with the character with this equipped, the more extra Gold you will earn. Note that you won’t be able to unlock the Assassin class until Chapter 7, since you need to upgrade the Training Grounds and the materials for that won’t appear before Chapter 7.

What Does Golden Fists Do?

The other ability that can help generate a lot of Gold is called Golden Fists, and it’s the unique ability for Balthus. This character will become recruitable as you progress the main story, with each route getting him at a specific chapter. Once you have Balthus, you will need to use him in combat to really figure out what Golden Fists does. Basically, once you reach a certain hit threshold (300 hits at level 1), Balthus’ fists will turn gold and any enemy he sends flying will drop some gold. As you upgrade this ability via the Tactics Instructor, the gold dropped will slightly increase and the hit threshold will be lowered.

(1 of 2) Once you unlock Balthus, always include him on your team

Once you unlock Balthus, always include him on your team (left), His Golden Fists ability can make you a good bit of Gold during battles (right)

Once you have access to the Merc Whistle and have a Support Rank of A with Balthus, you can give it to him to receive a special accessory. This accessory can be equipped on any character to give them the Golden Fists ability. So, you can essentially give Golden Fists to anyone once you unlock the Merc Whistle.

There are other ways to increase the amount of Gold in your pockets, besides the above two abilities.

Complete and S Rank Quests

One of the main sources for Gold is to just simply clear all of the side quests and main quests on the War Map. Even better, S Ranking those quests will reward you with even more Gold. You will notice that getting a S Rank on a quest will basically double the base Gold reward, so you will essentially doubling that base reward. Note that the Marketplace facility option in your camp will have some upgrades that increase the Gold earned from completing quests. It is represented by the “G” symbol with up arrows.

Sell Bullions

The majority of the items you obtain don’t really sell for much, so it’s not worth even looking at them when going to the merchant. However, there is one set of items that does sell for a lot of Gold. You will be able to get these are rewards for S Ranking missions, as well as just finishing some missions. The base Bullion sells for 2,000 G, while the higher tiers will sell for more. While you can’t really farm these at all, it is worth noting that if you see the Thieves Extra Quest, it’s worth going out of your way to do them. That’s because the Couriers during that Extra Quest will drop Bullions, so you can get some more than just from the normal missions.

(1 of 2) Grab this upgrade to get more Gold from all of the battles

Grab this upgrade to get more Gold from all of the battles (left), The Capture the Thieves extra quest will net you some Bullions to sell for Gold (right)

Break Red Pots

During battles, you will undoubtedly see a bunch of pots along the walls of the maps. These come in different colors and will yield different things based on those colors. Green will drop health pickups, Yellow will drop Warrior Special pickups, and Purple will restore weapon durability. There is also one more color pot out there, Red ones. These ones, when you break them, will drop some Gold for you. The amount you receive seems dependent on how far into the story you are, plus it seems what you receive might also be a little random. However, extra Gold is extra Gold, so you should break these as you come across them. It’s worth noting that the pots are actually shown on the battle map, including their colors, but it’s not the best idea to go out of your way to break them.


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