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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Correct Expedition Choices for Raphael

Vincent Lau

This page outlines all the correct choices when going on an Expedition with Raphael in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

From Chapter 5, you can invite characters to Expeditions by speaking to them at base camp, when you have a support rank of at least C. It’s essentially Three Hopes’s version of tea parties.

Choosing “Talk” will make the character bring up a random subject. Meanwhile, choosing “Question” will let you choose the subject. Either way, after the character makes a comment, you can reply with one of three dialogue choices. Only one is correct.


Comment Correct Answer
I got a letter from my little sis the other day. It wasn’t about anything important, but I was still happy to get it. Suggest you write a reply together.
I don’t think I would’ve become a merchant, even if my parents were still alive. I just don’t have it in me. Laugh and say he’s right.
Animals are incredible. They provide us with such tasty meat. I always feel grateful to them, especially when I go for seconds. Say you could learn from him.
Big cities aren’t the only places with great food. Those inns along merchant roads serve up some pretty tasty grub. Ask if the food is their main draw.
My little sis will be fine without me, as long as she’s got our grandpa. He’s real strong. Say she must still miss him.
I’m kinda bad at staying still. I just don’t feel right if I’m not moving around. Suggest you exercise together.
I’m not so great at using my head, but I’m pretty handy when it comes to muscle stuff! Declare that you won’t be outdone.


Question Comment Correct Answer
Ask about their likes. I like meat, especially when I can share it with my friends. Sympathize.
Ask about their dislikes. Keeping track of the itty-bitty details really isn’t my thing. I’m more of a “close enough” kinda guy. Get competitive over it.
Ask about dreams for the future. I’ve got some stuff I wanna do, sure. But I’m mostly good as long as my family and friends are happy. Smile.
Ask about their worries. Worrying only makes you extra hungry, right? So I try not to think about stuff like that. Commend that.
Ask about their family. I wanna make this world a place where my little sis can live however she wants. That’s why I’m fighting. Applaud that.
Ask about memories of the past. I used to think I was gonna be a merchant like my folks. But I’ve got a bad head for numbers and stuff. Get competitive over it.
Ask about their friends. Meals always taste better when you share ’em with friends. Reach out and commiserate.
Ask about preferred fighting style. Too much thinking hurts my head. I’d rather get out there and punch stuff! Give a pep talk.
Ask what they think of you. You always try real hard, and I think that’s great. Just gotta make sure you don’t leave me in the dust! Get competitive over it.
Ask what they think of you. I’m glad you’re my friend. It’s fun coming up with different meals together. Be pleased.
Ask about any personal news. Things aren’t going so well. I’ve been too busy to get some good training in. Offer encouragement.
Ask about any personal news. Never mind me, what’s been up with you? You won’t get any stronger if you slack on your training, y’know. Give a pep talk.
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