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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Volunteering in Fire Emblem Three Hopes

Nathan Garvin

Information about Volunteering in Fire Emblem Three Hopes, including details about the various Chores offered by the Chore Master and the bonuses you’ll gain by completing Chores.

How to Unlock the Chore Master

During Chapter 4 you’ll be introduced to the Base Camp, where numerous facilities and services will be at your disposal. One of them - operated by an NPC called the Chore Master - allows you to Volunteer for various Chores around camp. Because it makes sense to tire your elite soldiers, generals, strategists and magic-users with drudgery instead of using camp followers and conscripts for those tasks. Okay, taking care of mounts makes some sense, but running a street stall? Somebody is fundamentally unserious about winning this war.

(1 of 3) Some characters are more inclined towards different chores, as seen at the bottom left of the screen during the chore selection menu.

What are Chores?

Interacting with the Chore Master will allow you to Volunteer for various Chores. The Chores themselves are mostly interchangeable in that there’s no good reason to favor one over another save for the fact that different characters prefer different forms of menial labor, and will gain greater bonuses from Volunteering for specific tasks. The portraits of characters who prefer a specific Chore will be listed on the bottom left of the screen, and when you select a chore they’ll have blue arrows indicating their affinity, so there’s no ambiguity about who is best assigned to what Chores. Characters with a higher affinity for a specific Chore are more likely to achieve better results, which are rated on a simple three points scale, starting from the worst outcome to the best: Nice, Great and Perfect.

Aside from character preference, all Chores have the same effects: Characters participating in Chores together will gain Support Points and one bar of Morale. You can select three characters to participate in any Chore, one of which must be Shez. The other two characters will gain more Support Points with each other than with Shez… which is more than fine, considering Shez has plenty of unique ways to improve her Support Ranks with other characters, including Gifts. Other than Support Points, completing Chores will earn you Renown (one point for a Nice result, two points for a Great or Perfect result). Perfect results will also earn you a random Gift.

Undertaking a Chore will consume an Activity Point, of which you have a finite amount per Chapter. Also, characters besides Shez will only participate in one Chore per Chapter.

Considering that Great and Perfect results earn you two Renown, it’s recommended you save-scum for these results.


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