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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

How to Boost Morale in Three Hopes

Nathan Garvin

Information about Morale in Fire Emblem Three Hopes, including what does Morale do and how to boost the Morale of your units?

What is Morale in Fire Emblem Three Hopes?

A bit of an odd modifier, a character’s Morale influences the damage they deal in battle, making it very useful to boost for your primary characters.

Morale comes in four tiers, represented both by a face (the happier the face, the higher the character’s Morale - blue, orange, yellow, green, in order from lowest Morale to highest) and a bar with three segments (unfilled = lower Morale, fully filled = highest Morale). Events that cause Morale to increment/decrement tend to only do so one tier of Morale at a time, so it would take four Morale gains to max out a character’s Morale. The exception to this is ending a chapter, which resets every character’s Morale back to its lowest value.

Morale Effect
fireemblemthreehopesmoraleicon1.png Base Morale No damage bonus.
fireemblemthreehopesmoraleicon2.png Low Morale +5% damage.
fireemblemthreehopesmoraleicon3.png Moderate Morale +10% damage.
fireemblemthreehopesmoraleicon4.png High Morale +15% damage.

(1 of 4) You can increase a characters Morale by giving them Gifts,

How to Increase Morale in Fire Emblem Three Hopes

Various activities can boost a character’s Morale, although keep in mind that Morale tends to only increase one tier every time it increases, so if you want to max out a character’s Morale, you’ll have to do multiple Morale-boosting activities. These include:

  • [Cooking Meals]: Characters who join you for hungies nom-nom times will gain one tier of Morale each (including Shez).

  • Volunteering: Characters who assist you in some chore or another will gain one tier of Morale each (including Shez).

  • Gifts: Giving a character a Gift will improve their Morale by one tier, regardless of how many [Support Points] they gain from the Gift. Shez is selfish and doesn’t benefit from the joy of gift-giving.

  • Battle Suggestions: If you pick the Battle Suggestion put forward by a character (or characters), they’ll each get a tier of Morale. Shez doesn’t gain Morale from stealing other people’s ideas.

  • Surveying Spots: Some Surveying Spots can boost Morale when explored. You typically have to pick a participant or participants to receive this Morale boost.

  • MVP Bonus: A character who earns MVP status for their participation in a battle will gain one tier of Morale afterwards. This will almost certainly be the character you’re playing, so it should be a pretty reliable way to boost a specfic character’s Morale. All battles, including Main Quest battles, Side Quest battles, Extra Battles and battles replayed via the Record Keeper all yield this bonus. Since it’s the only source of Morale that isn’t finite (you’ll run out of Activity Points, Surveying Spots and Gifts eventually), it’s arguably the best way to max out a specific character’s Morale.


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