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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

What are the Training Grounds in Three Hopes?

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Training Grounds in Fire Emblem Three Hopes, including how to unlock the Training Grounds, how to Train characters at the Training Grounds, how to reset your level at the Training Grounds, and how to acquire new classes at the Training Grounds.

When you reach the Base Camp in Chapter 4 you’ll unlock a variety of facilities, including the Training Grounds. At the Training Grounds you can select several services, including “Train”, “Level Up/Reset”, “Acquire Class” and “Mock Battle”, the first three of which are essential for success in Fire Emblem Three Hopes. These allow you to improve your class level, spend gold to increase your level or reset your level back to 1, gain the ability to switch to new classes, and finally try out these new stats, abilities, and classes in a safe setting.

You can Train characters at the Training Grounds, increasing their class levels and Support Ranks.

Training at the Training Grounds

As the name of the Training Grounds implies, you can get some training done here. When you select the “Train” option you’ll be able to assign pairs of characters to train together, increasing their class level and Support Rank every time they train. For every training slot you have, another pair of characters can train - you’ll unlock more training slots as you upgrade the facility. Every time you train you’ll need to expend a Training Point, of which you have a limited supply per Chapter. Note that all characters assigned to training slots can be trained with a single Training Point, so make sure your training slots are filled up before you train.

You can expend gold to increase a characters level at the Training Grounds.

Increasing Your Level at the Training Grounds

If you pick the “Level Up/Reset” option you’ll be able to select a character whose level you wish to increase, which you can do by spending gold. The more experience (and hence, levels) you buy, the more it’ll cost, and the maximum level you can attain this way is equal to that of the highest-level character on your roster.

Characters who level up at the Training Grounds will gain stat boosts as normal, and while save-scumming stat gains at the Training Grounds is easier and more controllable (especially if you want to level in bulk), you should still be wary that there’s a limit to the amount of gains you can make through RNG alone.

You can reset a characters level at the Training Grounds free of charge.

How to Reset Your Level at the Training Grounds

If you pick the “Level Up/Reset” option you’ll be able to select a character whose level you wish to reset. Just press the Joy-Con-ButtonPlus button and confirm the reset. Resetting a character’s level will remove all the stat gains they’ve made by leveling up, but they will retain any stat gains obtained from permanent stat-boosting items, as well as any class levels, combat art/spell levels, support ranks, weapon proficiencies, and so on. Resetting a character’s level is ideal if you want to switch to a more prestigious class to level up as, which may well net them more stat points when they relevel.

Youll need to expend Seals to acquire new classes at the Training Grounds.

Acquiring New Classes at the Training Grounds

Select the “Acquire Class” option and choose a character and you’ll be able to see that character’s class tree. Most classes in the game are universal, with a few being gender-based (Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight and Gremory are female-only classes, Brawler, Grappler, War Master, Dark Mage and Dark Bishop are male-only classes) and a handful of others being unique to specific characters (Shez and the three House Lords have unique classes in addition to all the other classes normally available for their gender).

That said, there are still some requirements to change your class. First, you must have mastered all prerequisite classes, which are detonated by blue lines, much like a family tree. For example, mastering the Fighter class will unlock the Armored Knight, Brigand and Archer classes (as well as the Brawler, for male characters), while Shez must master both the Mercenary and the Fluegel to unlock Swordmaster.

Once the class mastery hurdle is overcome you’ll find two more barriers in your way - classes are organized into four horizontal tiers, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Master. All Beginner classes are unlocked by default, but to advance to an Intermediate class you must use an Intermediate Seal, to progress to an Advanced class you must use an Advanced Seal and to attain a Master class you must sacrifice a Master Seal. Seals can generally be earned by purchasing them from merchants, as rewards for completing/S-Ranking missions and looted from chests during battle, to name a few methods. Even if you possess the correct seal, you also need to upgrade the Training Ground facility to access higher tier classes. For example, even if you possess an Advanced Seal, you must also purchase the “Advanced Class Certification Exam” upgrade for the Training Grounds, which requires you to expend resources and gold.

Generally speaking, the more advanced the class, the more progress you’ll need to make through the main questline for the seals and resources to become readily obtainable. Given the initial scarcity of Advanced Seals, Master Seals, and high-end upgrade resources, you should be choosy about what facility upgrades you purchase and who you promote to which classes - it never hurts to save before you promote somebody, try out their new class via “Mock Battle” at the Training Facility, then if you’re unhappy, reload and try something else. On the plus side, once a character has obtained a class, you don’t need to expend Seals to change back into that class again.


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