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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

All Route Branches in Three Hopes

Vincent Lau

This page outlines all the route branches in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Similar to its predecessor, Three Houses, Three Hopes features a number of story branches.

Three Houses, Three Paths

First, we’ll go over the obvious branch that you probably know about.

During Chapter 2: Three Houses, you must choose to join one of the three houses as a student. Depending on which house you pick, the story will branch out drastically. The story, battles and characters who join your side will be different.

Each story path features up to 14 unique chapters.

If you choose the Black Eagles house

Choosing to serve the Black Eagles will put you on the Scarlet Blaze storyline, where you’ll help the Adrestian Empire take over Fódlan and abolish the Central Church.

Your main characters will be Edelgard and the rest of the Black Eagles, who hail from the Empire.

If you choose the Blue Lions house

Opting to join the Blue Lions will put you on the Azure Gleam storyline, where you’ll defend the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus from the imperial invasion.

Your allies here will mostly be Dimitri and the rest of the Blue Lions, from the Holy Kingdom.

If you choose the Golden Deer house

Lastly, siding with the Golden Deer will set you on the Golden Wildfire storyline, where you’ll assist the Leicester Alliance with repelling threats both within and outside Fódlan.

Your closest friends generally include Claude and the rest of the Golden Deer, who belong to the Alliance.

The Ashen Demon

Towards the end of each story path, the story will diverge slightly depending on whether you recruit Byleth, the Ashen Demon, or not.

During Chapter 10 (Scarlet Blaze), Chapter 12 (Azure Gleam) or Chapter 10 (Golden Wildfire), if you follow all the requirements in the main quest battle, you can make Byleth (and Jeralt) join at the end of the chapter. For more details, please refer to: How to Recruit Byleth.

If you recruit Byleth

If you manage to recruit Byleth, nothing much will change until after Chapter 14. At this point, you will gain access to Chapters 15 and 16, which occur before the Final Chapter.

If you don’t recruit Byleth

Otherwise, if you do not recruit Byleth, you will fight them at the end of Chapter 14. Then you’ll progress to the Final Chapter, skipping Chapters 15 and 16.

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