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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

A Chance Encounter

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for Chapter 1: A Chance Encounter in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Another night-time stage.

Chapter 1 is largely another tutorial stage–one that introduces you to the intricacies of having multiple characters.

Six months have passed and the protagonist stumbles upon three students fleeing for their lives. This scenario will be familiar to those who played Three Houses.

Mission 1: Defeat the Thief to clear the way

(1 of 2) A Thief is causing headaches for the three students.

A Thief is causing headaches for the three students. (left), Shez can easily handle the Thief. (right)

You’ll begin near the south-east region of the map. Head south and face the enemy Thief who’s blocking the road. You may receive some tutorial messages regarding your abilities. If you’re curious, hold Joy-Con-L and press Joy-Con-ButtonX to have a look.

Beating the Thief should be trivial. If necessary, lock on with Joy-Con-RS. You could also use Combat Arts with Joy-Con-R + Joy-Con-ButtonY or Joy-Con-ButtonX to make the Stun Gauge appear, then chip away at the gauge to trigger a Critical Rush.

When the Thief collapses, they’ll drop a Blue resource pouch. These contain materials used for cooking and forging weapons etc. As the pouch color goes from blue to green, yellow, orange and red, the value of materials inside will increase.

Mission 2: Defeat the Thieves to secure the escape route

(1 of 2) Things will get a little spicy.

Things will get a little spicy. (left), Use Edelgard to dispatch the first of the new Thieves. (right)

Of course, that was just a warm up. More enemy forces will spring up, including their head honcho, Kostas. First things first, you’ll need to deal with three Thieves located further down the path. Each of these Thieves carries a different weapon type, encouraging you to swap characters.

The first Thief, located west, is wielding a lance, which puts Shez at a disadvantage. The game will swap you to Edelgard, an axe-wielder, who has an advantage. Her moveset is different, but the controls are the same. Next, you’ll encounter a sword-wielding Thief further west. This is a job for Dimitri, the lance enthusiast.

(1 of 2) Dimitri demolishes lance wielders.

Dimitri demolishes lance wielders. (left), Against aerial foes, its Claude time! (right)

Finally, the remaining Thief can be found north from the previous one. This one is wielding an axe, so Shez has an advantage. However, it’s also flying, which means Claude the bow user is ideal for this situation. So switch to Claude and rain arrows on the sucker.

Mission 3: Order Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude to seize strongholds

(1 of 2) With multiple characters, you dont need to handle every fight.

With multiple characters, you dont need to handle every fight. (left), Use the Orders menu to direct non-controlled characters wherever you want. (right)

With the thieves disposed of, the gate to the north will open. This will reveal multiple strongholds, indicated by the red areas on the mini-map. Now you could conquer each stronghold one by one, but there’s a quicker way than that.

Hit Joy-Con-ButtonPlus to open the Orders menu, then select each of the 4 playable characters with Joy-Con-ButtonA and drag them towards the stronghold they have an advantage at. First, select Dimitri and move him towards the sword-wielding foe in the stronghold to the north-west. Note the blue up arrow, indicating an advantage.

For Shez, move him/her to the axe-wielder in the stronghold directly north. Next, for Edelgard, you want to target the furthest stronghold to the north-east. Finally, for Claude, make him fight the flying enemy in the nearby stronghold to the north-east.

Mission 4: Seize the strongholds

(1 of 2) There are 4 strongholds you need to capture.

There are 4 strongholds you need to capture. (left), Go nuts. (right)

Having issued everyone Orders, exit the Orders menu and swap to your favorite character, while remembering which stronghold to advance to. Along the way, you may encounter Pots that you can smash up. Depending on the pot’s color, you can uncover gold or recovery items.

Each of the four strongholds are easy to capture. You needn’t worry about the characters you’re not controlling either, provided you sent them to the correct strongholds. Chances are, the strongholds will all fall before you know it.

Mission 5: Defeat Kostas

(1 of 2) Select Kostas and choose All Out Offensive.

Select Kostas and choose All Out Offensive. (left), Everyone will then help you fight Kostas. (right)

Thanks to your teamwork, the thieves are becoming desperate. Multiple enemy reinforcements will appear, but moments later, the Knights of Seiros led by Alois will come to your aid via the northernmost stronghold. Afterwards, the final stronghold near the north-east corner will open. This is where the thieves’ leader, Kostas is.

Head that way quickly before the Knights of Seiros claim all the glory. To simplify things, open the Orders menu with Joy-Con-ButtonPlus. Select Kostas and press Joy-Con-ZR. Then choose “Other” and “All Out Offensive”. This will make all non-controlled allies target Kostas. From here, you should be able to easily handle Kostas with your friends assisting you. Control Shez yourself since Kostas is an axe-wielder.

Kostas’s demise will end this chapter. Or the battle portion, at least.

After the Battle

(1 of 2) Youll be invited to the students make-shift camp.

Youll be invited to the students make-shift camp. (left), Speak to everyone if you can. (right)

You’ll be escorted to the base camp, where you’ll have a chance to speak to various people. First, head over to Alois who’s nearby. You can’t miss him–he’s the fella in the bulky, white armor.

Next, speak to the three house leaders: Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude. They’re the students you saved earlier. During the conversation with the house leader, you can check the profiles of the other students in the same house. You can also personally speak to those students, if you’re so inclined.

Either way, after conversing with the three house leaders, report back to Alois to put a close to this chapter.


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