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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

List of Axe Combat Arts in Three Hopes

Vincent Lau

This page lists all of the Axe Combat Arts in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Combat Arts can be obtained by ranking up classes. Certain weapons also grant Combat Arts when equipped. For more information, refer to How to Unlock and Level Combat Arts and Magic in Three Hopes.

Art Cooldown Attributes Cost Might Description
Swinging Fury 15 Guard Break 15 Medium Perform a consecutive series of axe swings.
Wild Abandon 15 15 Medium Rip through foes with axe swings.
Armored Strike 20 Guard Pierce 20 Large Hit foes hard with a single, powerful axe blow. Damage dealt will increase with Def.
Armor Smasher 20 Guard Break, Weaken 20 Large Hit foes hard with a single, powerful axe blow that temporarily reduces enemy Def.
Shredder 10 Effective vs Flying 10 Small Cut enemies to shreds with a spinning axe attack.
Raging Storm 20 Fire Element, Reduce Stun Gauge 20 Large Conjure up a whirlwind of fire straight ahead.
Focused Strike 15 15 Medium Bring an axe down to cut through the foes ahead.
War Strike 30 Effective vs All 30 Large Bring an axe down so fiercely it sunders the ground and sends enemies flying into the air.
Flickering Flower 20 Guard Break 20 Large Break the enemy’s stance, then hurl an axe at the ground.
Apocalyptic Flame 20 Fire Element, Guard Break 20 Large Hurl a flaming axe at the ground that creates a pillar of fire.
Spike 15 15 Medium Launch the foes ahead into the air, then swat them away with a swing of the axe.
Dust 15 Guard Break 15 Medium Launch the foes ahead into the air, then smash the earth to hit them with the rubble.
Helm Splitter 20 Guard Break, Effective vs Armor 20 Large Smash the foes ahead with a powerful overhead strike.
Diamond Axe 20 Cannot Guard 20 Large Smash the ground so hard it displaces the earth.
Returning Axe 10 10 Small Strike a wide area with a hurl of the axe.
Lightning Axe 10 Lightning Element, Guard Break 10 Small Hurl a lightning-charged axe. Deals damage based on Mag.
Smash 15 Critical 15 Medium Pummel a wide area ahead. Often yields critical hits.
Crush 15 Ice Element 15 Medium Smash the ground and generate pillars of ice.
Invigorating Spirit 20 Strengthen 20 N/A Temporarily increase Str.


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