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Chapter 6 Base Camp, Documents, Dialog Choices and Overview

Nathan Garvin

Information about noteworthy Base Camp events, interactions and activities for Chapter 6: Conspiracy in the Air in the Azure Gleam route. This includes dialog choices that yield Support Points.

Chapter 6 is the least busy Chapter yet. As you progress through the game, you’ll be burdened with fewer new facilities and activities you can partake in, and hence their attendant busywork tutorials.

The only new facility that unlocks in Chapter 6 is the Tactics Academy.

Explore the Base Camp

There’s one new facility this Chapter is the Tactics Facility. Just talk to Felix when prompted at the start of the Chapter, then talk to the Tactics Instructor to get the scoop on this final facility. Upgrading the Tactics Facility will unlock a variety of upgrades for your character, which can then be applied for a small Gold fee on a per-character basis. While inexpensive individually, when you have two dozen or more characters to upgrade… things can get pricey.

Still, the boons provided by the Tactics Facility are worth some Gold, as you can unlock more Warrior Gauges, upgrade a character’s Unique Abilities and Crest, increase the quality and quantity of recovery items, unlock up Ability Slots (up to ten!), and break a character’s stat caps.

Many of these are long-term goals, but getting yourself another Warrior Gauge, more Ability Slots and more recovery items are well worth the Gold and building materials required, and these upgrades will prove incredibly useful for the rest of the game.

(1 of 2) Look for a Surveying Spot with Anna's icon running near it.

Look for a Surveying Spot with Anna's icon running near it. (left), Find Anna on the War Map and she'll head back to the Base Camp and open up her shop. (right)

Anna the Merchant

You may have spotted her milling around the Base Camp last Chapter, but this Chapter you’ll actually be able to peruse Anna’s wares. To do this you’ll need to find Anna wandering around on the War Map - she’ll be occupying some random Surveying Spot. All you need to do is capture the region she’s occupying, then visit the Surveying Spot where her icon is running around and send her back to your Base Camp. Once done, just return to base and talk to her to buy and sell items from her. She tends to sell a variety of Seals, ores and permanent stat-boosting items, making her well worth the trouble to find each Chapter. You can find more information on the How to Unlock Anna’s Shop in Three Hopes page.

(1 of 2) Find part 2 of the Traveler's Journal on a table outside of the Common Area,

Find part 2 of the Traveler's Journal on a table outside of the Common Area, (left), while the newly-opened Tactics Facility houses the "History of Fodlan I" document. (right)

Azure Gleam Chapter 6 Documents

Below you’ll find all the Documents you can find around the Base Camp in Chapter 6.

  • History of Fodlan I: On a desk in the Tactics Facility, near the Tactics Instructor.

  • Traveler’s Journal II: On a table outside of the Common Area, which are the buildings just northeast of the Personal Quarters.

There aren't a whole lot of Support Rank yielding conversations to be had in Chapter 6, but you can still score a few Support Points.

Azure Gleam Chapter 6 Dialog Options

Character Correct Response
Annette Tell her to focus.
Dorothea Chide her.
Seteth Tell him what you know.
Sylvain Ask him what he means.


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