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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Camp Preparations

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for Chapter 5: The Skirmish in the Fog in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, this page focusing on the new facilities and tutorials at the beginning of the chapter.


(1 of 3) If you meet the conditions, you will see an option to invite an ally to an Expedition

As soon as you finish the previous Chapter and get back to your base, you will receive a tutorial prompt explaining Expeditions. These are basically activities in which you can spend some time one-on-one with one of your allies. It’s important to remember that going on an Expedition will spend one of your Activity Points. In order to go on an Expedition, though, you will need to have Support Level C or higher with that character first. Once you have achieved that, find the character in your base and speak to them, where you should see an option to go on an Expedition with them.

So, what exactly are Expeditions? They are an easy way to boost the Support Points you receive towards that ally. Once you are on the Expedition, you simply need to choose whether to Talk or to Ask a Question. In the latter case, you will get to ask a question, but once your ally speaks, you will then have to choose an answer. Only one of these answers will be correct, so you will need to choose carefully. You will have three chances to do this, and getting all three right will result in a Perfect Conversation. After that is over, you will have a chance to “observe” your ally, as well as give them a gift, if you want.

Record Keeper

(1 of 2) The Record Keeper will be inside the Command Center

The Record Keeper will be inside the Command Center (left), You will be able to replay any battle that you have done (right)

When you regain control, you will be told to speak with Edelgard, who is right in front of you. She will tell you of some new facilities around the camp, of which there’s four in total, so it’s time to check them out. Inside the Command Center will be the Record Keeper, a NPC that will allow you to replay battles you have already completed. If you’ve played a Dynasty Warriors title before, this is essentially Free Mode, where you will be able to play any of the battles, while using any of the characters you’ve unlocked. If you are playing on Classic Mode, any units that have been lost will not be selectable, plus there’s always the chance you can lose them in the auxiliary battles. You also will not be able to recruit any characters in these free battles.


(1 of 4) The Rusted equipment you find can be repaired at the Blacksmith

Right next to the Armorer is the Blacksmith, who has a variety of functions for you. The first function is to Repair a Weapon, which you might be a bit confused about from just reading it. Basically, you will sometimes come across a Rusted weapon, which usually drop from the big monsters you fight during missions. Repair Weapon will allow you to fix those, and these weapons can be quite good, as they offer some passive skills on them and a higher limit for upgrading. You should have received a Rusted Sword at the end of the one mission in Chapter 4, so repair it to get a pretty decent weapon.

The Forge Weapon option allows you to increase the Might and Durability of a weapon. How much you can increase depends solely on the weapon, with each one having an “Increase Might” and “Increase Durability” stat to the right of the previously mentioned stats on the weapon card. For example, a weapon might have Increase Might 0/8 on it, meaning you can increase the Might of that weapon a total of eight times before you cannot do it anymore. In addition to costing Gold, you will also need a material to forge a weapon, which differs depending on the rank and rarity of the weapon.

Supply Master

The Supply Depot will allow you to trade in weapons for some extra Smithing Stones

North of the Armorer and Blacksmith will be the Supply Master. At the Supply Depot, you can exchange surplus weapons and resources for other resources. As you upgrade the Supply Depot, you will also be able to have resources collected automatically. Progressing the story will also allow you to trade for the materials needed to upgrade the facilities at the camp. Note that the weapons you trade will be for Smithing Stones.

Battalion Master

A little northwest of the Supply Master will be the Battalion Master, the last of the facilities for now. Think of Battalions as an armor for your characters, as they can equip a Battalion that will act as a defense against a specific enemy type, or even a weapon type. You can only purchase a few Battalions at first, but as you upgrade the facility, you will be able to get more. You could easily cover a weakness someone has, like a sword-user having some protection against lancer-users.

(1 of 2) Battalions are basically another piece of equipment for your characters

Battalions are basically another piece of equipment for your characters (left), They will help provide an extra layer of defense against a certain type (right)

With all of that coverage, do what you need to do to get your characters prepared for the next battle. Also, don’t forget to speak with each of your allies here to get the usual Support Point choice increase, then don’t forget to also spend your Activity/Training Points.

Character Correct Response
Linhardt Agree wholeheartedly.
Dorothea Say this might be different.
Constance Say it depends on her efforts.
Bernadetta Deny it emphatically.
Manuela Nod yes.
Petra Say you don’t like the cold.
Hubert Say you remember.

Once you’re finished, head to the War Map to receive a brief tutorial on Extra Quests. These are basically time-limited quests that will disappear after a certain amount of time. Extra Quests will disappear whenever their counter reaches zero, with the counter decreasing each time a new region is captured. For right now, there is only one battle you can do, the Barnabas Territory.


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