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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

What are Expeditions in Three Hopes?

Vincent Lau

This page explains what Expeditions are in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Expeditions are a light-hearted way to interact with characters, to increase their support points and generally see another side of them beyond fighting. If you experienced Tea Parties in Three Houses, Expeditions are an evolution of those.

How to Unlock Expeditions

(1 of 2) Going on an Expedition costs 1 Activity Point.

Going on an Expedition costs 1 Activity Point. (left), At the start, you can only visit the good old Plains. (right)

The moment Chapter 5 begins, you can invite characters to Expeditions by speaking to them at base camp. The option will appear if that character has a C support or higher with Shez.

Flow of Expeditions

When inviting somebody to an Expedition, you can choose one of four locations to visit.

  • Plains
  • Forest
  • Mountains
  • Waterfront

Which location you choose doesn’t have a major impact, so pick whichever place takes your fancy.

Random Encounter

(1 of 2) Dont surprise us like that!

Dont surprise us like that! (left), Despite appearances, both choices work. (right)

When you arrive outside your destination, occasionally there will be an “Encounter!” message, indicating that a random event has triggered.

You will be given two choices to pick from, depending on the location you’re visiting. No matter what you choose, you’ll receive the maximum amount of support points. So your choice merely alters the flavor text.

Conversation Time

At your destination, you’ll relax with your companion in a picnic setting. You can look around a bit using Joy-Con-Stick-R.

(1 of 2) Welcome to tea parties 2.0.

Welcome to tea parties 2.0. (left), Mowing down legions of foes is easy. Choosing the correct answer though… (right)

Two main options will be displayed:

  • Talk
  • Ask a Question

If you choose “Talk”, the character will talk about a random subject that comes to mind. Meanwhile, if you choose “Ask a Question”, you can pick from 6 random questions and the character will reply to the question.

In both scenarios, you can then reply back with one of three choices. These choices are always the same for that particular conversation, but the order will be random.

One of these choices will be correct and increase your support points, as well as filling one conversation circle near the top-left corner. The other two are incorrect and do nothing.

After three conversations, you’ll be graded depending on how well you did.

Extra Time

If you chose the correct answer for all three conversations, you’ll achieve a “Perfect Conversation” and proceed to the bonus mode.

(1 of 2) Finally! You wont believe how long this took.

Finally! You wont believe how long this took. (left), Lysitheas hair is pretty nice; we should ask what shampoo she uses. (right)

Here, you can Observe the character more closely. Depending on the camera angle, you can provoke unique conversations (all wholesome). You can also press the button prompt to elicit a reaction from your friend.

Also, you can Give a Gift to the character. This works exactly the same as at base camp. If you want to know what gifts work best, please refer to Best Gifts for Every Character in Three Hopes.


At the end, you’ll receive additional support points and a slight Morale boost. If you achieved a Perfect Conversation, your Charm stats may also increase.


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