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Choosing a House in Three Hopes

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to choose a house in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

At the beginning of Chapter 2, you’ll be brought to Garreg Mach Monastery, which is home to the Officer’s Academy. Here, you’ll be forced, ahem, asked to choose one of the three houses to attend.

In the previous chapter, you’ll have had a chance to briefly become acquainted with the students of each house. Or perhaps you already know them from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Either way, there’s no wrong house, easy house etc. so choose whichever one takes your fancy.

Right before you decide, the game will display a collage of all the students from that house. You can also review their basic information.

Black Eagles

The Black Eagles.

This house is home to students from the Adrestian Empire, to the south. Their house leader is Edelgard, the heir to the imperial throne. Choose this house if you want to ally with the empire, the powerhouse nation of the continent.


Name Description
Edelgard The heir apparent to the Adrestian Empire. Favors the axe and has fire-based attacks.
Hubert Heir to Marquess Vestra; Edelgard’s loyal companion. Dabbles in the dark arts.
Dorothea A songstress from the Mittelfrank Opera Company. Good at magic.
Ferdinand Heir to Duke Aegir, who’s the imperial chancellor. Loves poking foes from horseback.
Bernadetta Heir to Count Varley. The very image of social anxiety. Probably best to let her attack from afar.
Caspar A son of House Bergliez. Aims to become a mighty martial artist like his father.
Petra Princess from the island nation of Brigid. Still getting to grips with Fódlan’s language. Adept in swift swordplay.
Linhardt Heir to Count Hevring. This sleepyhead prefers attacking with magic, rather than getting physical.

Blue Lions

The Blue Lions.

This house is where students from the northern, frigid kingdom of Faerghus are assigned. Their house leader is Dimitri, the crown prince. Choose this house if you wish to fight for the Kingdom, protectors of the Church.


Name Description
Dimitri Prince of Faerghus; son of the late king and queen. A master spearman with lightning-based attacks.
Dedue Dimitri’s aide; a serious fellow from the land of Duscur. Good at handling axes and armor.
Felix Heir to Duke Fraldarius. Doesn’t have many nice words to say to Dimitri. His skill with a sword is superb.
Mercedes A noble’s daughter, with ties to the empire. Kind and motherly. She makes a fine mage.
Ashe Adopted son of Lord Lonato. Wishes to be a knight. An archer can also be a knight.
Annette Heir to Baron Dominic. This cheerful, accident-prone girl excels at magic.
Sylvain Heir to Margrave Gautier. A skirt-chaser through and through. Throw him on a horse.
Ingrid Heir to Count Galatea. A model knight if there was one. Ideal as a Cavalier or Pegasus Knight.

Golden Deer

The Golden Deer.

Last but certainly not least, the Golden Deer house is where students from the eastern Leicester Alliance mingle. Their house leader is Claude, the alliance’s future leader. Choose this house if you want to protect Leicester from fighting both within and outside Fódlan.


Name Description
Claude Heir to Duke Riegan, the leader of the alliance. A crafty man who prefers sniping foes with arrows.
Lorenz Heir to Count Gloucester, rival to House Riegan. He likes to ride ahead on horseback.
Hilda Daughter of House Goneril. The queen of all slackers, but surprisingly good with an axe.
Raphael Lost his parents in an accident. Loves food and flexing his muscles. A natural Brawler if there was one.
Lysithea Heir to Count Ordelia. Never call her a kid. But do praise her skill in magic.
Ignatz Put on the path of knighthood by his family. Loves to paint and wouldn’t be out of place in Splatoon…
Marianne Adopted daughter of Margrave Edmund. Has extremely low self-esteem. Good with magic.
Leonie A trainee mercenary who once studied under Jeralt. Can be a great horseback fighter like her mentor.


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