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List of Lance Combat Arts in Three Hopes

Vincent Lau

This page lists all of the Lance Combat Arts in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Combat Arts can be obtained by ranking up classes. Certain weapons also grant Combat Arts when equipped. For more information, refer to How to Unlock and Level Combat Arts and Magic in Three Hopes.

Art Cooldown Attributes Cost Might Description
Lance Jab 15 Critical 15 Medium Perform a thrusting attack that often yields critical hits. Damage dealt will increase with Spd.
Lightstrike 10 Light Element, Heal 10 Small Absorb a portion of inflicted damage as HP. Damage dealt will increase with Mag.
Earthsplitter 10 10 Small Perform an air-to-ground plunging thrust.
Burning Quake 20 Fire Element, Cannot Guard 20 Large Summon forth pillars of flame.
Glowing Ember 15 Fire Element 15 Medium Hurl a fiery lance straight ahead. Damage dealt will increase with Def.
Ruined Sky 20 Cannot Guard, Effective vs Flying 20 Large Hurl a magical lance straight ahead that bursts when it reaches its target.
Tempest Lance 15 Wind Element, Guard Break 15 Medium Conjure up a whirlwind with an overhead spin of the lance.
Stormblade 15 Wind Element, Effective vs Flying 15 Medium Whip up a storm that ravages the surrounding area with blades of wind.
Knightkneeler 20 Guard Break, Effective vs Cavalry 20 Large Perform a powerful lance thrust.
Airshaker 15 Guard Pierce 15 Medium Perform a powerful thrust that produces a shockwave.
Frozen Lance 10 Ice Element 10 Small Launch columns of ice at foes. Damage dealt will increase with Mag.
Dark Lance 10 Dark Element 10 Small Send dark hexes flying at foes. Damage dealt will increase with Mag.
Vengeance 15 15 Medium An attack that increases in Mt in relation to the user’s missing HP.
Atrocity 40 Effective vs All 40 Large Launch a wide swath of foes into the air.
Shatter Slash 15 Guard Break, Weaken 15 Medium Perform a series of lance strikes that temporarily reduce enemy Def.
Thunder Rush 15 Lightning Element, Effective vs Armor 15 Medium Perform a series of lance strikes imbued with lightning.
Paraselene 20 Instant Kill, Cannot Guard 20 Large Strike a wide area with a sweeping attack. Has a chance to instantly defeat non-commander units.
Wheelsweep 15 15 Medium Strike a wide area with a sweeping attack that also produces a shockwave.
Titanic Might 20 Strengthen 20 N/A Temporarily increase Str.


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