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How to Obtain and Unleash Every Sacred Weapon in Three Hopes

Nathan Garvin

Information about Sacred Weapons in Fire Emblem Three Hopes, including what are Sacred Weapons, how to obtain each Sacred Weapon, and how to unleash a Sacred Weapon’s true powers.

What Are Sacred Weapons in Fire Emblem Three Hopes?

Despite the name, “Sacred Weapons” are not, in fact, all weapons. They are represented by silver icons in the game’s various inventory screens, and at a glance seem very similar to Hero Relics.

Like Hero Relics, Sacred Weapons initially have stagnant stats, typically possessing 40 Might and 70 Durability by default - strong enough to be impressive during the first few Chapters, but once you start getting Monsters to drop Steel-grade weapons, Sacred Weapons will start losing their appeal… albeit temporarily. Sacred Weapons cannot be Forged (upgraded) or Reforged (increase the weapon’s upgrade potential); you’ll have to unlock the “Research Crest-Based Smithing Technique” upgrade for the Blacksmith before these weapons can unleash their true potential… see below for more details.

Regardless of whether they’ve been unleashed or subsequently upgraded, a Sacred Weapon always counts as an E-rank weapon, meaning every character can wield it, no matter what their level or weapon proficiency… provided they’re currently a class who can use such a weapon, of course. This makes highly upgraded Sacred Weapons powerful options for low-level characters who would otherwise be stuck making use of low-tier weapons (Iron, Steel, etc.).

Perhaps the biggest differences between Sacred Weapons and Hero Relics are their Crest requirements and the unique modifiers possessed by these types of equipment. Hero Relics have very restrictive Crest requirements - if a character does not possess the correct Crest they cannot use all of a Hero Relic’s associated Combat Arts or Magics, nor can they benefit from the full range of passive effects, like health regen from “Divine Glow” modifiers. If a character has no Crest at all, wielding a Hero Relic will drain their HP during battle. Sacred Weapons are also attuned to Crests, and always possess the “Divine Glow” modifier (restores a large amount of HP at regular intervals), but unlike Hero Relics, you do not sustain damage for wielding one without a Crest, you simply do not benefit as much from the Sacred Weapon’s healing effects if you do not possess the matching Crest.

(1 of 3) Unlock the "Research Crest-Based Smithing Technique" upgrade,

How to Unleash Sacred Weapons

While solid enough at the start of the game in their initial forms, a Sacred Weapon’s 40 Might and 70 Durability will quickly fall behind even midtier weapons… especially ones dropped by Monsters. To bring this weapons back to relevance, you’ll need to unlock the “Research Crest-Based Smithing Technique” upgrade for the Blacksmith, which will require high-tier building materials. This will likely take you until Chapter 10 or later, as these building materials cannot be obtained by any means earlier.

Once you’ve unlocked this upgrade, talk to the Blacksmith in the Base Camp and pick the “Unleash Effects” option. Unleashing the hidden powers of a Sacred Weapon will cost you 10x Mythril and a hefty bit of Gold. but will roughly triple the weapon’s Might and double its Durability, as well as unlocking any potential modifiers the Sacred Weapon may possess. In addition, Sacred Weapon weapons will be able to be Forged up to an enhancement of +10 (5 Increase Might, 5 Increase Durability), and once thus enhanced they can be Reforged to boost their potential Increase Might/Increase Durability limits by 5 each per Reforge. Like normal weapons, Sacred Weapons can ultimately be improved to an enhancement of +100, which will generally put their max Might and Durability around 500~.

Where to Find Every Hero Relic in Fire Emblem Three Hopes

Unlike Hero Relics, Sacred Weapons aren’t quite as prestigious in Fodlan - they’re still potent and well worth seeking out, but they’re typically less character-bound than Hero Relics were.

Sacred Weapon Type How to Obtain
Amalthea Tome Complete Chapter 14 in the Azure Gleam route
Caduceus Staff Accessory Complete Chapter 4 in the Azure Gleam route - Flynn will be equipped with it at the start of Chapter 5
Ochain Shield Accessory Complete the Paralogue battle “The Saint’s Forge” in the Azure Gleam route
Seiros Shield Accessory Unlock Rhea by spending 50 Renown in New Game +
Spear of Assal Lance Complete Chapter 4 in the Azure Gleam route - Seteth will be equipped with it at the start of Chapter 5
Sword of Moralta Sword Complete Chapter 13 in the Azure Gleam route
Sword of Seiros Sword Unlock Rhea by spending 50 Renown in New Game +
Tathlum Bow Bow Complete Chapter 12 in the Azure Gleam route


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