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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Correct Expedition Choices for Mercedes

Vincent Lau
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This page outlines all the correct choices when going on an Expedition with Mercedes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

From Chapter 5, you can invite characters to Expeditions by speaking to them at base camp, when you have a support rank of at least C. It’s essentially Three Hopes’s version of tea parties.

Choosing “Talk” will make the character bring up a random subject. Meanwhile, choosing “Question” will let you choose the subject. Either way, after the character makes a comment, you can reply with one of three dialogue choices. Only one is correct.


Comment Correct Answer
I hope I can go shopping again soon. Baking supplies, makeup… There are so many things I want! Invite her to go into town sometime.
I hate fighting…but if both sides have reason to do so, there’s no avoiding it. Vow to create an age of peace.
Sometimes I think about going back to Fhirdiad. I wouldn’t want to live with my adoptive father, though. Invite her to go to Fhirdiad with you.
Annie and I have been close ever since we met at the school of sorcery in Fhirdiad. She’s the best friend I’ve ever had. Smile and say that’s wonderful.
My hair has been getting long recently. I’m never sure whether to cut it or let it keep growing. Say she’d look great either way.
Both of my parents were great cooks. I even remember them teaching each other recipes when I was young. Cute, don’t you think? Ask her to teach you how to cook.
I wonder how my mother is faring. I do get letters from her sometimes, at least. Say she should go see her.


Question Comment Correct Answer
Ask about their likes. Hmm, I do like to bake! I always end up making far more than any one person could eat, though. Show interest.
Ask about their dislikes. There are plenty of things I’m not very fond of, but I prefer to stay positive when I can. Sympathize.
Ask about dreams for the future. I’m not sure how, but I want to help people in need. A little cliché, isn’t it? Promise your support.
Ask about their worries. There are so many treats I’d like to make, but I’ve had some trouble finding the ingredients lately. Agree.
Ask about their family. The time I spent living with my mother and brother were some of the most precious moments in my life. Ask for more details.
Ask about memories of the past. My brother has quite the sweet tooth. I’m sure he gets it from our mother. Laugh.
Ask about their friends. I don’t like fighting, but my friends give me the strength to keep pushing forward. Sympathize.
Ask about preferred fighting style. I can lead the charge if I need to, but I much prefer to stay back to support everyone and heal their wounds. Commend that.
Ask what they think of you. Please take care of yourself. And tell me right away if you ever get hurt. Express gratitude.
Ask what they think of you. Not many people invite me out like this. I’m glad I have the chance to be so close with you. Agree to that.
Ask about any personal news. I’m great at making sweets, but recently I’ve tried to expand my horizons into savory food too. It…hasn’t gone very well. Think about why that is.
Ask about any personal news. Oh, I learned some new magic the other day! I’m sure it will prove very useful. Express high hopes for it.
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Waterfront encounter answer: "Suggest you play in the water" +1 support

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Waterfront encounter answer: "Suggest you play in the water" +1 support

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