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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Camp Preparations

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for Chapter 7: The Triumph of Valor in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, this page focusing on the new facility that is unlocked, as well as preparing for the upcoming battles.

There’s not a whole lot that is new and needs to be covered with Chapter 7 onward, as the majority of the facilities and their functions have already been unlocked at this point. Note that during one of the cutscenes prior to going back to base, you will see a choice for an answer during a conversation with Ferdinand.

  • Agree with Ferdinand. (Support Points for Ferdinand)
  • Pull him back. (Support Points for Petra)

(1 of 2) Youll need a certain upgrade at the Training Instructor to get Advanced Classes

Youll need a certain upgrade at the Training Instructor to get Advanced Classes (left), so dont forget to come back to get them after getting the resources (right)

It should be noted that you will a popup at the beginning of the chapter, back at the base, pointing out that some new items are available at the Supply Depot. Basically, you will have the ability to get started on the second tier of upgrades for your facilities during this chapter. While you can trade for them with Smithing Stones, it’s best to wait until you get them from the Surveying Spots on the War Map. Likewise, the Item Shopkeeper (and Anna) will sell Advanced Seals starting from this chapter onward. Of course, while you can purchase them now, you do need to upgrade the Training Instructor to be able to unlock the Advanced classes.

Support Point Conversations

As usual, you can head around your base and speak to all of your allies (marked with blue dots). Some of them will offer you a choice in what to say, and if you pick the correct option, you will receive some Support Points with that character.

Character Correct Response
Edelgard Say it’s positive.
Caspar Claim you also need some self-reflection.
Hapi Ask if she likes trees.
Constance Guess her reason.
Manuela Stare at her unblinking. (gets double points)
Lorenz/Ferdinand Compliment Lorenz (Points with Ferdinand)/Comfort him instead (Points with Lorenz)
Monica Tell her she’s worrying over nothing.
Jeritza Encourage him to back off.
Balthus Play it down.
Ignatz Try to cheer him up.
Ashe Encourage him.
Dorothea Disagree with her.

Paralogue Battles

Upon visiting the War Map for the first time in this chapter, you will unlock something called Paralogue Battles. These are optional battles that force you to use specific characters. You can select them whenever you hover over your base on the War Map. For now, though, the Paralogues have a recommended level that might be a bit too high for your characters, but you can always do them later. It’s a good idea to do these Paralogues eventually, as they will reward you with some one-of-a-kind items.

(1 of 2) Paralogues are optional battles that require specific characters

Paralogues are optional battles that require specific characters (left), although you might want to hold off on them for now because of the recommended level (right)

You will unlock two Paralogues right now, which are as follows:

Paralogue Recommended Level Characters Used
An Incurable Shut-In 27 Bernadetta, Monica
A Grand Day for the Opera Company 27 Dorothea, Manuela

You are able to replay the Paralogues, if needed, via the Record Keeper in your base, once you have played through them once. They will be at the bottom of the list, under your most recent chapter.


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