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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

How to Expand Facilities in Three Hopes

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to expand facilities in Fire Emblem Three Hopes, including how expanding/upgrading facilities works and where to get the required resources for expanding facilities.

(1 of 2) Youll unlock the Facility Master during Chapter 4,

Youll unlock the Facility Master during Chapter 4, (left), who will allow you to upgrade your facilities, providing a variety of bonuses. (right)

How to Unlock the Facilities Master in Fire Emblem Three Hopes?

After clearing a few Side Quests in Chapter 4, when you return to the Base Camp you’ll be pestered by one of your companions, who will tell you about expanding facilities, directing you to speak to the Facilities Master for more information.

Do so and you’ll get a tutorial on expanding facilities, which is a core aspect of progression in Fire Emblem Three Hopes. Expanding facilities will give you access to new services and improve those you already have access to:

  • Training Grounds: Upgrade the number of Training Slots, unlock the ability to promote to Advance and Master classes, reduce the cost of leveling up, increase training effects (upgrades by weapon type).

  • Tactics Academy: Unlock multiple Warrior Gauges, increase the max stat cap, unlock Concoctions and Elixirs, gain more recovery item uses per battle, increase the number of open ability slots, improve Unique Actions Abilities, Unique Support Abilities, Unique Tactical Abilities and Crest effects. These upgrades, once unlocked, have to be purchased for each character for their effects to manifest.

  • Blacksmith: Reduce blacksmithing costs, allows the blacksmith to repair and reforge higher-grade weapons, unlock crest effects, increase the amount of might and durability gained when forging weapons.

  • Recreation Quarter: Expands the number of available dishes, increases the success rate when cooking or volunteering (eg getting Great or Perfect results instead of Nice), allows you to travel to different locations during expeditions.

  • Marketplace: Increase the variety of gifts, weapons, resources, ingredients and other goods sold by shops, reduce the prices of gifts and resources at shops, increase the amount of gold earned when completing battles.

  • Battalion Guild: Allows higher-tier battalions to be purchased, increases battalion endurance, increases the number of battalions you can have hired at a time, reduces the cost of hiring battalions.

  • Supply Depot: Gather random materials (materials are collected as you complete battles), increase the types of items you can trade Smithing Stones for, increase the number of Smithing Stones gained when you trade items, reducing the Smithing Stone cost of trading for items.

As you can see facilities influence most aspects of gameplay, from how affordable it is to level up, what classes you have access to, what types of gifts, weapons, resources, ingredients and other goods you can buy, how effective your battalions are, how many Warrior Gauges and abilities you characters will have, what their max stats are and how easy it is to acquire gold and materials during battle.

Upgrading facilities is a hugely important aspect of the game.

(1 of 3) You can obtain Materials by clearing Side Quests and exploring Survey Spots.

How to Expand Facilities in Fire Emblem Three Hopes?

Once the Facilities Master is unlocked you can visit him any time you wish to upgrade facilities… or you can just interact with the specific facility you want to upgrade. Either way, you’ll need both gold and Materials to expand facilities. Gold is fairly mundane - fight battles and you’ll get gold, but Materials are trickier to obtain, and are progression-gated: don’t expect higher-tier Materials to spawn until you make progress through the main questline.

While you may obtain the odd batch of Materials from other sources, the main ways to accumulate the Materials you need to expand facilities is by:

  • Clearing Side Quests on the War Map and exploring Surveying Spots. This yields significant Materials, but are one-time affairs.

  • Trade Smithing Stones for Materials at the Supply Master. You can get exactly what you need, but Smithing Stones are also useful for Repairing/Forging weapons, so be careful.

  • Purchase the “Form a Supply Squad” upgrade for the Supply Depot, which will net your Materials every time you complete a battle. This constitutes a slow trickle of Materials, and what you get is random, making it at best a secondary source of Materials… at least early on.


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