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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Correct Expedition Choices for Edelgard

Vincent Lau

This page outlines all the correct choices when going on an Expedition with Edelgard in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

(1 of 2) Enjoying some quiet time with Edelgard

Enjoying some quiet time with Edelgard (left), You chose all the right answers! (right)

From Chapter 5, you can invite characters to Expeditions by speaking to them at base camp, when you have a support rank of at least C. It’s essentially Three Hopes’s version of tea parties.

Choosing “Talk” will make the character bring up a random subject. Meanwhile, choosing “Question” will let you choose the subject. Either way, after the character makes a comment, you can reply with one of three dialogue choices. Only one is correct.


Comment Correct Answer
Though I don’t see them, I know Hubert’s people are out there somewhere, watching us. Suggest you look for them.
I thought outings like this were a noble pastime, but I see you’re an expert at it as well. Say that you’re just acting like one.
Do you ever wish you could be completely and utterly alone? It is a daily dream for me. Express concern for her.
The sun is so warm on my skin. I see why people pine for it so. Say you’re one of those people.
There are hunting grounds near Enbarr that the Imperial family uses for outings. Invite her to hunt with you.
Tell me if you see any pretty flowers. Not to pluck, mind you—just to admire. Promise you will.
What are you thinking about? You look as if your mind is a dozen leagues away. Say you’re thinking about dinner.


Question Comment Correct Answer
Ask about their likes. I adore nature, which is precisely why I treasure days such as this. Smile.
Ask about their dislikes. I dislike convention. I can’t stand missing a good opportunity simply because I’m “not supposed to.” State your thoughts.
Ask about dreams for the future. My dream is to sit about and simply do…nothing. Sadly, there’s so much demanded of me it will likely remain a dream until my final days. Give a pep talk.
Ask about their worries. Oh, I could go on and on about all of my intractable problems. How much time do you have? Act dependable.
Ask about their family. I’d rather not talk about that right now. Perhaps some evening, when sleep eludes me. Let that sink in for a moment.
Ask about memories of the past. Have I told you about the boy who gave me the dagger? I called him “Dee,” which is all I really remember about him. Be envious.
Ask about their friends. I’m lucky they’re all so capable, as are you. I do hope you see that. Give a pep talk.
Ask about preferred fighting style. I don’t object to swords or magic, but an axe has always felt most natural in my hand. I’m not sure why. Ask for more details.
Ask what they think of you. I hope I’m paying you adequately for your service. The Imperial army would be lost without you. Act dependable.
Ask what they think of you. I hope you’ll continue to lend me your strength long after this war is over. Be shocked.
Ask about any personal news. Me? Oh, I suppose I can’t complain. Express worry.
Ask about any personal news. Don’t worry, I’m taking care not to overwork myself. Express worry.


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