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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Holy Knight Class Guide for Three Hopes

Vincent Lau

This page has information for the Holy Knight class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

The Holy Knight is the virtuous counterpart of the Dark Knight, preferring to wield White Magic over Black/Dark Magic.



Stat Boost 300 2 2 3 2 (-3) (+2) 6 2
Growth Rates 15% 15% 20% 0% 0% 10% 10% 10% 15%

Fixed Abilities

Icon Ability Description
Icon Terrain Resistance Prevents damage from terrain.
Icon White Magic+ Increases the amount of HP restored by white magic.
Icon Sword Buster Lv 4 Grants one tier greater advantage against enemies equipped with swords. Increases damage to them by 95%.

Learnable Abilities and Arts

Rank Icon Ability/Art Description
1-star Icon Swordbreaker Effective against enemies equipped with swords.
1-star Icon Lightstrike Absorb a portion of inflicted damage as HP. Damage dealt will increase with Mag.
2-star Icon Solitary Stand Increases damage dealt to enemies when no allied units are deployed nearby.
2-star Icon United Front Increases damage dealt to enemies in proportion to the number of allied commanders nearby.
2-star Icon Adjutant’s Benefit When this unit is the active unit: if this unit would gain any experience, their adjutant gains it instead.
2-star Icon Cyclical Awakening Temporarily increases the Awakening Gauge fill rate after an Awakening has concluded.
2-star Icon Airshaker Perform a powerful thrust that produces a shockwave.
2-star Icon Shatter Slash Perform a series of lance strikes that temporarily reduce enemy Def.
3-star Icon Defiant Res When HP is at 25% or below: increases Res by 20.
3-star Icon Nullify Cavalry Effect Nullifies effectiveness against cavalry units.
3-star Icon Shining Guardian Reduces the damage allies sustain when inside the same allied stronghold as the unit.
3-star (Innate) Icon Range Master Increases attack range.
3-star (Innate) Icon Exalted Breath When using magic to restore the caster’s or an ally’s HP, the caster’s Awakening Gauge is restored proportionally.

Class Action

Hold Joy-Con-ButtonX to consume the Class Gauge and charge forward, while radiating Luminance, which will attach to nearby enemies. The Class Gauge will fill over time and when dashing.

Land an attack on an enemy with Luminance attached to them to deal additional damage and restore HP.

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