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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

What are Battle Suggestions in Three Hopes?

Nathan Garvin

Information about Battle Suggestions in Fire Emblem Three Hopes, including what are Battle Suggestions, when do Battle Suggestions unlock and what do they do?

How to Unlock Battle Suggestions

When you return to the Base Camp at the start of Chapter 10 you’ll be summoned by your faction leader, who will introduce one of the last new gameplay elements - Battle Suggestions. By now the war has dragged on long enough and your army has grown large enough for officers to start making strategic suggestions. After talking to your faction leader in Chapter 10 - and at the start of every subsequent Chapter (after the obligatory cutscenes, anyways) - a selection of generals will gather around and pitch recommendations, which you, for some reason, will get to choose between.

(1 of 2) At the start of each Chapter youll get to pick from up to three different suggestions to implement.

At the start of each Chapter youll get to pick from up to three different suggestions to implement. (left), The character(s) whose suggestion you selected will earn Morale and Support Points. (right)

What are Battle Suggestions?

Battle Suggestions are condensed into up to three propositions you get to choose between at the start of each chapter. A character - or sometimes several characters - will advance a suggestion, and whomever’s suggestion you pick will earn some Morale and Support Points. In addition, their suggestion will be implemented, earning you whatever benefits you selected. Battle Suggestions can include various boons, including increasing experience gained while training with certain weapon types or increasing the likelihood of gaining points in a specific stat when leveling up. While the effects between choices will obviously vary, all the suggestions in a Chapter seem to be in the same vein, so you’re rarely choosing between wildly different categories of boons, but rather what class, weapon type, stat, etc., you want to be affected.

Characters can suggest new Battle Suggestions after completing Side Quest battles on the War Map. This will overwrite the previous Battle Suggestion and earn the character who recommended the new suggestion Morale and Support Points.

While Battle Suggestions occur at the start of Chapters beginning at Chapter 10, there’s a chance that a character will suggest changing your active Battle Suggestion for something else (which they’ll kindly recommend). This seems to occur randomly after completing new Side Quest battles. Accepting will earn the character(s) who advocated for the new suggestion happy, earning them Morale and Support Ranks without costing the champions of the previous suggestions anything, so in that respect it’s pure benefit. This will, of course, swap out your old Battle Suggestion for the new one, so free points aside, you might not want to make the switch if you don’t like the new Battle Suggestion.


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