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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Chapter 7 Base Camp, Documents, Dialog Choices and Overview

Nathan Garvin

Information about noteworthy Base Camp events, interactions and activities for Chapter 7: The King Awakens in the Azure Gleam route. This includes dialog choices that yield Support Points.

Chapter 7 puts Chapter 6 to shame when it comes to a lack of innovation at the Base Camp. It’s a well and truly odd Chapter in that there’s no new facilities or activities, but not only that, you also won’t have Dimitri, Dedue or Rodrigue around due to story reasons. This will almost certainly influence the way you spend Training Points and Activity Points this Chapter, not to mention what units you deploy during the numerous Side Quests you’ll need to complete to reach the Main Quest battle. The regions on the War Map are almost completely linear, so you’ll have little choice in which battles to fight and which to skip, even if you were inclined to make such a choice.

You’re simultaneously freer and more restricted than you’ve been in a while… nothing to do for it save to ensure the rest of the characters you have access to are up to snuff. If you haven’t been deploying Felix, Sylvain, Ingrid or Ashe, it may be time to grind them up a bit.

(1 of 2) You won’t have access to Dimitri, Dedue or Rodrigue in Chapter 7.

You won’t have access to Dimitri, Dedue or Rodrigue in Chapter 7. (left), If you need to level up some back-benchers, running the Side Quest battle “Bandit Raid” will net you some quality weapons via the Giant Wolf that spawns. (right)

Grinding in Chapter 7

If you need to grind up some of your former back-benchers in this chapter, the Side Quest battle Bandit Raid in Enid Territory is a fine mission to run a few times. It’s relatively easy so long as you have one competent character (Shez should be up to snuff), just defeat a trio of Armored Knights followed by three Mercenaries to rescue a Commoner, after which you can occupy the enemy commander (also a Mercenary) with the rest of your units.

At some point a Giant Wolf Monster will appear in the southern Stronghold (Rocky Shoal), and you should have plenty of time to run over and cull this overgrown mutt. Farming this Monster may earn you better weapons than you could obtain in Chapter 5’s Halt the Enemy’s Pursuit, but since your roster is depleted you may not want to go nuts on this one. Still, if you need to grind anyways, you might as well get some new weapons out of it.

(1 of 2) You can find the “History of Fodlan II” document in the Tactics Academy.

You can find the “History of Fodlan II” document in the Tactics Academy. (left), Some characters - namely Catherine and Seteth - will not have dialog options until later in the chapter. (right)

Azure Gleam Chapter 7 Documents

  • History of Fodlan II: On a desk in the Tactics Facility, along the southern wall.

Azure Gleam Chapter 7 Dialog Options

Character Correct Response
Annette Express concern for Gustave.
Bernadetta Comfort her.
Catherine* Say you have high expectations.
Felix Nod in agreement.
Seteth* Talk about the weapons.
Sylvain Say you can.
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