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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Chapter 12 Base Camp, Documents, Dialog Choices and Overview

Nathan Garvin

Information about noteworthy Base Camp events, interactions and activities for Chapter 12: A Trick of the Goddess in the Azure Gleam route. This includes dialog choices that yield Support Points.

There’s not a lot going on in your Base Camp this Chapter - the calm before the storm, as it were. No new major NPCs, no new facilities, not even a single Document to gather. That being the case you really don’t need to do more than run around and squeeze Support Points out of characters by picking the correct dialog options, then expend your Activity Points and Training Points however you see fit.

Despite the Base Camp being something of a dud, there’s a good bit to see and do on the War Map. There are seven regions to conquer, and while you only need to deal with two to reach the Main Quest at the end of the Chapter, The Conquest of Hevring, there’s plenty of incentive to complete most - if not all - of the Side Quests.

(1 of 2) Seek out a Surveying Spot in Menja Territory,

Seek out a Surveying Spot in Menja Territory, (left), where some reconnaissance will net you the useful Locate Ambushers Strategy. (right)

In Menja Territory you’ll find a Surveying Spot where you can unlock the Locate Ambushers Strategy. If you want to recruit Byleth and achieve the better ending, you’ll need to unlock this Strategy.

(1 of 2) In Chapter 12 youll find a House Surveying Spot in Martyn Territory.

In Chapter 12 youll find a House Surveying Spot in Martyn Territory. (left), To unlock it, you must complete the Side Missions in the Side Quest battle Intel on the Imperial Army. (right)

In Martyn Territory you’ll find another Surveying Spot which will unlock the Dancer class. Note, however, that you must complete all the Side Missions in the region’s Side Quest battle Intel on the Imperial Army to explore this Surveying Spot, and the aforementioned battle is a Challenger Quest with the quest restriction that prevents you from deploying more than one unit.

Between unlocking a prerequisite for recruiting Byleth and unlocking the useful Dancer class, there’s a fair bit worth doing before challenging this Chapter’s Main Quest battle.

There are also two Paralogue Battles in this Chapter:

  • Paralogue - The Ashen Wolves’ Reunion (Balthus, Constance, Hapi, Yuri)
  • Paralogue - A Night of Wonder (Annette, Constance, Mercedes)

Azure Gleam Chapter 12 Dialog Choices

Below you’ll find all the dialog options that yield Support Points in Chapter 12.

Character Correct Response
Annette That’s true.
Ashe + Dedue Come up with a solution (Ashe)
Bernadetta Lie a little.
Dorothea Comfort her.
Linhardt That’s the plain.
Marianne Stay silent.
Petra Agree with her.
Raphael Tell him you feel the same.
Seteth Ask him how he knows so much.
Shamir Taking it back will be difficult.
Sylvain Maybe they want to avoid the Kingdom.
Yuri Tease him about it.


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