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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Main Quest: Mateus Territory

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for Chapter 10: Shifting History in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, this page focusing on the Mateus Territory.

The battle at Mateus Territory

A quick reminder that this is the main quest for Chapter 10 of Scarlet Blaze, so make sure you have done everything else you wanted to do before starting this battle. That includes the side battles, spending all of your Activity/Training Points in the camp, and checking out all of the Surveying Spots. You will be unable to do these and get the rewards for them later. Note that you will be able to replay battles for S Ranks, so don’t worry too much about that right now.

Which Strategies to Choose for Mateus Territory

You should have a total of 60 Strategy Resources to work with for this battle, if you managed to capture all of the regions on the War Map. If you wish to recruit Byleth during this battle (recommended for a first playthrough), then you will need the Resonant Lightning Strategy. This is gotten from the Western Duval Territory, which is just west of the Mateus Territory on the War Map; this Strategy costs 30 Resources. You will also probably want to recruit Yuri here, so add the Persuade Yuri Strategy to the mix, which will leave you with just 10 Resources remaining. You can get whatever you want with those, so maybe Built Up for the additional allied strongholds at the beginning of battle; picking this one will actually help with one of the side missions.

(1 of 2) This battle will determine what ending path you go on

This battle will determine what ending path you go on (left), You can get the Resonant Lightning Strategy from this Surveying Spot (right)

Strategy Cost Strategy Details
Resonant Lightning 30 Attack using powerful lightning magic. This strategy will significantly turn the tide of battle.
Recovery Boost 20 Increase the amount of HP restored while in allied strongholds.
Persuade Yuri 20 Convince an enemy general to join your army.
False Rumors 10 Slightly weaken the enemy for a period of time by demoralizing them at the start of battle.
Built Up 10 Begin the battle with additional allied strongholds secured.
Anti-Sword Training 10 Grant the Swordbreaker ability to Stronghold Captains in allied strongholds.

How to S Rank Mateus Territory

Completion Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
18:00 1800 50%

Getting the S Rank solely depends on whether you are recruiting Byleth or not. If you are, then the battle will become shorter, leading to potentially not getting enough kills for that portion of the S Rank. If you don’t recruit Byleth, then you have more opportunities for kills, but the battle will take longer and you might exceed the time limit. Time is usually always a factor with the S Ranks, so it might be easier if you stick with the former option. The best thing to do is simply concentrate on racking up a large number of kills prior to defeating Yuri, as that is when all of the stuff will pile on and the battle gets hectic.

Mission 1: Defeat Baron Mateus/Seize the Strongholds around Mateus

(1 of 3) Your first goal should be to capture the designated strongholds

The first main mission out of the gate will be to defeat Baron Mateus, but you don’t want to do that, should you be trying to recruit Byleth here. Instead, as the follow-up mission will announce, you will want to capture all of the strongholds surrounding Mateus. There will be four in total and none of them will be particularly painful in securing. Note that Mateus will start firing some ballistae at you during this stage, so keep an eye out for the giant red circle that shows where the ballistae will hit. You will want to avoid these, for obvious reasons, since they can hurt quite a bit. Upon seizing all of the strongholds, Mateus will immediately surrender.

Mission 2: Seize the Northwestern Strongholds

The next mission will ask you to capture the strongholds in the northwestern portion of the map. There’s a total of five strongholds here, none of which will provide you any trouble, but you should probably put this on hold to focus on the following side mission first. When you’re finished with the Swordmasters attacking the Sorcery Engineers, then you can resume taking over the strongholds.

(1 of 3) The second mission asks you to take some more strongholds in the northwest

Side Mission: Aid All of the Sorcery Engineers

During the second main mission, Hubert will mention how some of the sorcery engineers are hiding to prepare for an attack. Of course, Swordmasters will spot them and begin attacking them, so you will need to rescue them. If you wish to get the Resonant Lightning Strategy off the ground, then this side mission is pretty much mandatory. If you have any Spear-users, then they should be more than enough to take out two of the Swordmasters, while you strike down the third yourself. As soon as you help all three, then you will be able to use the Resonant Lightning Strategy. Triggering that Strategy will also cause Alois to appear in the east.

Side Mission: Defeat the Paladins Attacking Randolph

(1 of 2) Paladins will appear and start attacking Randolph

Paladins will appear and start attacking Randolph (left), You can use Shadow Slide to teleport down there and help him out (right)

During the course of the previous missions, some Paladins will appear in the southeastern corner of the map and attack Randolph. If you chose the Built Up Strategy, then you should have a stronghold right next to where they’re attacking, so you can use Shadow Slide to teleport there and quickly defeat them. Otherwise, you might need to send someone else there to help him out, preferably an axe user, as the Paladins are mounted units that use lances.

Mission 3: Defeat and Recruit Yuri

After seizing all of the northwestern strongholds, Yuri will appear with some other enemy units on the western side of the map. If you chose the Persuade Yuri Strategy, then initiate it and defeat Yuri to recruit him. He will bring a couple of Swordmasters when he spawns, and he will also be wielding a sword himself.

(1 of 4) Yuri appears on the western side after the northwestern strongholds

Upon defeating Yuri, your fellow soldiers will create a bridge in the southeast, allowing you to attack the enemy base from that side. It should be noted that Byleth will have moved to the stronghold just west of the enemy base, which will come into play in a few moments. You will probably want to start moving your allies over to the shoal now, as that is where the rest of the battle will take place. Also, at this time, Baron Mateus will destroy the bridge just east of Byleth’s position, essentally locking them from easily accessing Rodrigue.

Side Mission: Defeat Byleth

Byleth will be isolated from Rodrigue now, so they will now have to go the long way around to reach him. If you are recruiting Byleth, then you should completely ignore them at this point and focus solely on Rodrigue. If Byleth manages to make it to Rodrigue, then you will forfeit their recruitment and need to start the battle over. The path that Byleth will take will be shown on the map, so you don’t have a whole lot of time to focus down on defeating Rodrigue before then. Thankfully, Byleth will take their busy time to actually fight through your allied strongholds, retaking them. If you wish to fight Byleth, then you already know how tough they are, so take extreme caution when fighting with them.

Mission 4: Defeat Alois

(1 of 2) You will want to head straight to Alois once Byleth starts moving

You will want to head straight to Alois once Byleth starts moving (left), Byleth will be stopped only to take over your allied strongholds (right)

In order to make it to Rodrigue, you will have to go through Alois, who will be stationed right in front of the former. He is a mounted unit and will be wielding an axe, so someone like Shez or Petra should be good to use to take him down. Things will definitely be getting quite hectic at this point, especially if you are trying to recruit Byleth, since you are on a tight timer and need to move very quickly.

Side Mission: Seize the Strongholds to Prevent Enemy Reinforcements

As all of the above is going on, some reinforcements will appear in the northwest, and you will be given a new side mission. This mission will have you taking out one of the strongholds on the eastern side to prevent more enemy reinforcements from appearing. It’s best to designate this to another ally, preferably one with an axe equipped, since you want to be going straight after Alois, then Rodrigue. Note that one of these reinforcements will come with a key to the chest, which is the one that spawns south of the stronghold you need to capture. Unfortunately, if you’re recruiting Byleth, you won’t have time to chase it down.

(1 of 4) The unit with the key spawns here

Mission 5-A: Defeat Rodrigue

Upon defeating Alois, the gates will open up behind him, allowing you to confront Rodrigue, the enemy commander. He is another mounted unit, equipped with a lance, so someone like Shez might be at a disadvantage against him. However, at this point in the game, you should be able to cover that weakness in some manner. Take down Rodrigue before Byleth reaches him and the battle will be over.

What Happens if You’re not Recruiting Byleth?

Well, there’s a few things that you can do if you decide to not recruit Byleth here. If you want, you can go ahead and defeat Baron Mateus at the beginning, which will actually completely negate the whole strategy later on in the battle to isolate Byleth. Additionally, you could also ignore the side mission to aid the Sorcery Engineers, which will make the Resonant Lightning strategy fail. Just the first option above will prevent Byleth from being isolated, since Mateus will already be dead.

Mission 5-B: Defeat Byleth

If you are not recruiting Byleth, then after defeating Alois, you will have to defeat Byleth as a main mission. They don’t seem to be powered up here, so you can treat it like a normal battle against a named enemy unit, although Byleth will certainly put up a challenge. As you already know, Byleth uses a sword, so someone like Jeritza or Ferdinand (assuming they are lance-users) will work wonderfully. Then again, having more than just a single unit to take on Byleth is ideal.

(1 of 3) You will be forced to fight Byleth when not recruiting them

The battle will continue after defeating Byleth here, with the gate opening up behind them and you having to challenge Rodrigue. However, the battle doesn’t end after beating Rodrigue in this instance, as there is one more mission to complete…

Mission 6-B: Defeat Jeralt

Should you not be recruiting Byleth during this chapter, then Jeralt will appear with some more reinforcements after you defeat Rodrigue. He will appear south of the enemy base, and will be wielding a lance and is a mounted unit. Defeat Jeralt and the battle will be over.

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