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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

List of Weapon Attributes in Three Hopes

Vincent Lau

This page lists all the Weapon Attributes found in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Weapons can possess up to two Abilities, known as Weapon Attributes. There are two types of these.

Certain weapons, such as Sacred and Hero’s Relics have fixed attributes, with a golden background. As their name suggests, these are always present on the weapon and cannot be removed.

When you obtain weapons randomly from battles, they may have up to two random attributes, with a silver background. Some weapons may have a mixture of fixed and random attributes.

Fixed Attributes

Attribute Description Weapon
Lightning Crash Calculates damage using the unit’s Mag stat. Strong attacks periodically trigger lightning magic. Levin Sword, Bolt Axe, Arrow of Indra
Witstrike Calculates damage using the unit’s Mag stat. Magic Bow, Blutgang, Crusher, Ridill, Aura Knuckles, Lance of Light(+)
Holy Glow Restores HP at regular intervals. Blessed Lance, Blessed Bow
Price of Power When HP is at 50% or above: attacking causes the unit to sustain damage for a period of time. Devil Sword, Devil Axe, Heretic’s Tome
Divine Glow Restores a large amount of HP at regular intervals. Sacred relics
Seiros’s Favor Restores HP proportional to damage dealt by the unit. Sword of Seiros
Price of Power+ When HP is at 50% or above: critical hit rate is greatly increased, but attacking causes the unit to sustain damage for a period of time. Cursed Ashiya Sword, Abyssal Tome
Relentless Barrage Reduces the cooldown of combat arts by 50%. Thunderbrand, The Inexhaustible
Subversion Drastically increases critical hit rate for magical attacks. Blutgang
Impulse Drastically increases the critical hit rate for combat arts. Lance of Ruin
Lethal Blow Allows the unit to damage enemies that are guarding. Areadbhar
Scorch Strong attacks periodically trigger Bolganone. Lúin
Overwhelm Greatly increases damage to enemy Stun Gauges. Freikugel
Stagger Periodically produces the Stun Gauge when attacking. Crusher
Windbender Greatly extends the range of bows. Failnaught
Unstoppable Restores the Warrior and Awakening Gauges when an enemy commander is defeated. Aymr
Twin-Crest’s Darkness Causes attacks to hit twice. Dark Creator Sword
Divine Ancestry When equipped by Byleth or Sothis: causes attacks to hit twice. Sublime Creator Sword
Eye for an Eye Increases damage to enemies as the unit’s HP decreases. Vajra-Mushti
Resistance Breaker When attacking enemies equipped with tomes: reduces the enemy’s Res by 50% when calculating damage. Exorcist’s Tome
Brawnstrike Calculates damage using the unit’s Str stat. Inverted Tome
Relentless Magic Reduces magic cooldown by 50%. Suttungr’s Mystery
Radiance Strong attacks periodically trigger Nosferatu. Ichor Scroll
Naturebender Calculates damage using the higher of the unit’s Str or Mag stat. Hrotti

Random Attributes


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