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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

How to Unlock Anna's Shop in Three Hopes

Nathan Garvin

Information about the wandering merchant Anna in Fire Emblem Three Hopes, including how to find Anna and peruse her wares.

In Chapter 5 you’ll find the merchant Anna in your Base Camp, but at this point in time she doesn’t really do much except tease you about opening her store. In Chapter 6, this foreshadowing becomes reality, as you’ll be able to lure Anna back to your Base Camp where she’ll open up her shop. Just head out into the War Map and you’ll be given a tutorial on how Anna’s shop works.

(1 of 2) Look for a Surveying Spot with Annas icon running near it.

Look for a Surveying Spot with Annas icon running near it. (left), Find Anna on the War Map and shell head back to the Base Camp and open up her shop. (right)

How to Find Anna in Fire Emblem Three Hopes

Anna is a long-standing Fire Emblem staple, being part trickster, part itinerant merchant, and despite her tendency to end up as a playable character playing an active combat role in these games, she’s arguably more well-known for her economic contributions than her battlefield ones. The first time you enter the War Map in Chapter 6 you’ll get a tutorial regarding Anna, after which a little Anna icon will run about the War Map, usually settling upon one Surveying Spot or another. To lure Anna to your [Base Camp], you merely have to visit the Surveying Spot her icon marks. Once you do, she’ll head to your Base Camp and remain there the rest of the chapter, selling you her wares. Of course, this means you’ll need to capture the region where the marked Surveying Spot is located, and if she spawns in a region far away from your Base Camp, this could involve clearing several Side Quests. She may also move to another Surveying Spot between each battle, so… just clear your way through the regions in each Chapter until you can finally visit the Surveying Spot where Anna’s located.

Anna sells a variety of Seals, stat-boosting items and ores.

What Does Anna Sell in Fire Emblem Three Hopes?

It’s well worth going out of your way to rendezvous with Anna each Chapter, as she sells a selection of Seals, permanent stat-boosting items and ores. The quality of her wares will improve each Chapter. While none of the wares she sells are unique, the Seals you can get in each Chapter are initially fairly limited, and Anna’s shop essentially allows you to double the number of Seals you have access to, greatly increasing the progress your units can make through the class tree… although to be fair you’ll gain enough Seals from the Item Shopkeeper to hit everybody’s suggested classes and their prerequisites (assuming you keep the Marketplace facility upgraded). If you want to venture down other class lines to pick up bonus class abilities, however, you’re going to need the Seals Anna sells. The stat-boosting items also provide a definite, and better yet, permanent boost.

Given how simple it is to lure Anna back to your Base Camp, it’s a good idea to seek her out and empty her inventory every Chapter.


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