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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Correct Expedition Choices for Ingrid

Vincent Lau

This page outlines all the correct choices when going on an Expedition with Ingrid in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

From Chapter 5, you can invite characters to Expeditions by speaking to them at base camp, when you have a support rank of at least C. It’s essentially Three Hopes’s version of tea parties.

Choosing “Talk” will make the character bring up a random subject. Meanwhile, choosing “Question” will let you choose the subject. Either way, after the character makes a comment, you can reply with one of three dialogue choices. Only one is correct.


Comment Correct Answer
Have you ever read any chivalric romance? They’re stories about the most heroic knights in the world. I’m sure you could find one you’re interested in. Talk about your favorite story.
There are many things I wish I could say to the me of two years ago. Ask for more details.
There was a famine in Galatea territory when I was young, so I know how precious food can be to people. Sympathize.
I imagine if Faerghus had been even just slightly more destitute, we would’ve invaded the other regions of Fódlan ourselves. Say not to get hung up on what-ifs.
If we can’t bring an end to this war, our dream of a prosperous Faerghus will remain just that. Say something motivational.
Felix and His Majesty perform all their duties with such grace and skill. I can only hope to do the same myself. Cheer her on.
I want to create a world where nobody has to worry where their next meal might come from. Offer to help.


Question Comment Correct Answer
Ask about their likes. Knights, I suppose. I do what I can to live like one. And I hope to die like one too…when the time comes. Be silent.
Ask about their dislikes. I simply cannot stand lazy people. But those who keep themselves constantly busy aren’t much better. Give a rueful smile.
Ask about dreams for the future. I have always dreamt of being a knight. But now I know it will never be. Act encouraging.
Ask about their worries. I realized recently that I’m not cut out for desk work. But then, what will I do in peacetime? Give advice.
Ask about their family. Have you ever met my parents, or my brothers? You’ve likely seen them around Fhirdiad. Ask for more details.
Ask about memories of the past. My friends and I used to explore the countryside together when we were young. I dearly miss those days. Smile.
Ask about their friends. I won’t let myself hold everyone back. I must train even harder. Agree.
Ask about preferred fighting style. House Galatea is famed for its formidable pegasus brigade. It’s only natural that’s how I prefer to fight, myself. Ask her to teach you.
Ask what they think of you. You’ve won countless battles in support of His Majesty. Your name is known far and wide across the Kingdom. Be thrilled.
Ask what they think of you. I have so much fun when I’m with you. I can’t help but talk on and on. Sympathize.
Ask about any personal news. Recently, some people from Duscur helped us cultivate our land. It felt…strange. Smile.
Ask about any personal news. I’ve been working with the trainees of late. I hope I’m not too strict on them. Give advice.


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