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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

List of Accessory Attributes in Three Hopes

Vincent Lau

This page lists all the Accessory Attributes found in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Like weapons, some Accessories can have Abilities, which we’ll call Accessory Attributes to mirror weapons. Unlike weapons though, only fixed attributes exist.

All Attributes

Attribute Description Accessory
Divine Glow Restores a large amount of HP at regular intervals. Ochain Shield, Seiros Shield, Caduceus Staff
Immune Status Nullifies all status effects. Ochain Shield, Rafail Gem
Monster Aegis Halves damage from monsters. Seiros Shield
Nullify Flying Effect Nullifies effectiveness against flying units. Aurora Shield
Nullify Armored Effect Nullifies effectiveness against armored units. Kadmos Shield
Nullify Cavalry Effect Nullifies effectiveness against cavalry units. Lampos Shield
Boost Critical Increases critical hit rate. Critical Ring
Alert Stance Increases the invincibility window when dodging. Evasion Ring
Renewal Restores a slight amount of HP at regular intervals. Goddess Ring, Prayer Ring, Asclepius
Expert Wizardry Increases the damage of Mag-based attacks. Magic Staff, Circe Staff, Asclepius
Expert Healing Increases the recovery amount of healing magic. Healing Staff
Far-Reaching Magic Extends the range of long-distance tome attacks. Caduceus Staff, Thyrsus, Circe Staff
Nullify All Effects Nullifies all effective attacks. Rafail Gem, Chalice of Beginnings
Experience+ Increases Exp gained on the battlefield. Experience Gem
Class Experience+ Increases class Exp gained on the battlefield. Knowledge Gem
Counterattack Enemies take damage proportional to the damage they inflict. Chalice of Beginnings
Earthshrinker Grants cavalry mobility to any unit. Fetters of Dromi


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