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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Camp Preparations

Jarrod Garripoli

This is a guide for Chapter 6: Bridge of Betrayal in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, this page focusing on the new facility that is unlocked, as well as preparing for the upcoming battles.

Tactics Instructor

Upon getting back to your camp, you will be told to speak with Ferdinand, who will mention a new facility. The Tactics Instructor is located in the southeast corner of the main base and will help with improving your characters’ battle prowess. This includes things like increasing the number of Warrior Specials they can do (via more gauges), increasing the number of vulneraries they can use, and much more. When you first speak to the Tactics Instructor, he will hand over 10x Beginner Combat Manual, to help you upgrade the facility.

(1 of 2) The NPC will give you some help in upgrading the Tactics Instructor facility

The NPC will give you some help in upgrading the Tactics Instructor facility (left), You will be using this to improve your battle prowess (right)

All of the upgrades for your characters will be tied to the upgrades for the facility. The only upgrade to the facility right now will allow you to get a second Warrior Special gauge for your characters, with it costing 500 G for each one. If you can afford it for everyone, go ahead and do it. Otherwise, just purchase it for the characters you use. The Beginner Combat Manual will be added to the Supply Master, too, if you wish to possibly get another upgrade, but it’s best to hold off on that for now.

Support Points

As usual, don’t forget to go around to all of your allies and speak to the ones who have a choice. The following table will list all of the correct answers for you, meaning any ally not there will not have anything that gives Support Points.

Character Correct Response
Bernadetta Swear you’ll keep her safe.
Caspar Try to cheer him up.
Jeritza Express surprise.
Petra Ask if she wants him to live.
Hapi Volunteer to complain to Hubert.
Hubert Tell him to focus.
Linhardt Agree with him.

Anna’s Shop

(1 of 2) Look for a Surveying Spot with Annas icon running near it.

Look for a Surveying Spot with Annas icon running near it. (left), Find Anna on the War Map and shell head back to the Base Camp and open up her shop. (right)

One last thing before you do your usual rounds with the Training Grounds and Activity Points is to take a peek at the War Map. You will receive a short tutorial upon looking at it, concerning Anna and her shop. You may have seen her in your camp during Chapter 5, but she won’t appear on the War Map until this chapter. Basically, Anna will settle on a Surveying Spot on the War Map and you will need to visit that spot in order to make her set up shop in your base. The catch is that she can move to another spot after each battle, potentially making it annoying to get to her. Once you have access to the spot where her icon is, simply investigate it to gain access to her shop at the base. Anna can sell Exam Seals, stat-boosting items, and even some ores, so it’s always worth it to grab her attention.


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