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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

How to Recruit Linhardt in Three Hopes

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to recruit Linhardt in Fire Emblem Three Hopes.

In Fire Emblem Three Houses you could recruit many characters simply by getting specific stats and skills high enough. Once done, they’d be impressed enough to realize that studying under you would suit them better than petty considerations such as life-long friendships, national loyalty, familial duty or even religious conviction.

Unfortunately characters in Fire Emblem Three Hopes aren’t quite as malleable - some characters will join your faction as you progress the Main Questline, usually due to story contrivances entirely outside of your control. The rest, however, must be met in battle and “persuaded” to join you… often by lumping them on the head enough times to realize that they’d be better off defecting than decomposing.

To recruit characters in battle, youll need to activate a Persuade Strategy before the battle begins.

Character Recruitment Strategies

In the case where a character can be persuaded to join you, this “persuasion” effort is achieved via the deployment of a Strategy. When you start a battle in which a character can be recruited you’ll first have to pick from a variety of available [Strategies]. You can find more information about Strategies on their own page, but for the purposes of recruiting characters you’ll be interested in any “Persuade [Character]” Strategies, which you must select prior to the battle to ensure you can utilize said Strategy(ies) during the battle. Deploying Strategies in turn require you to expend Strategy Resources, a currency gained by completing [Side Quests] during the chapter leading up to the Main Quest where enemy characters can be recruited.

During battle, when the character you wish to recruit spawns you must activate the Strategy to persuade them by entering the battle menu before you defeat them. If you defeat them without activating the Strategy - even if you selected it before the battle - they will die and you will not be able to recruit that character for the rest of the playthrough! Once the Strategy has been activated, the area where the Strategy is in effect (usually where the target character spawned) will be surrounded by a purple glow. Merely defeat them in this area and you’ll recruit the character.

If you pick the Black Eagles, Linhardt will be one of your starting characters.

How to Recruit Linhardt in the Scarlet Blaze Route

Sleepy Linhardt is the scion of Adrestrian nobility, and despite Edelgard’s claims of wanting reform that makes society more egalitarian, this crest-bearing lazy noble has managed to nap his way upward through the imperial bureaucracy. Typical. He’s available from [Chapter 3] on provided you opt to join Edelgard and the Black Eagles.

(1 of 3) Activate the Persuade Linhardt Strategy after he appears,

How to Recruit Linhardt in the Azure Gleam Route

You’ll first encounter Linhardt as a hostile general in Chapter 9’s Main Quest, [Saving of the Silver Maiden], but he cannot be recruited until Chapter 11’s Main Quest battle, [The Blitz of the Western Empire].

To do this you’ll need to expend a hefty 30 Strategy Points to enable the Persuade Linhardt Strategy. Considering you can also recruit Constance, in the same battle (which will cost the same number of Strategy Points), you really need to complete as many Side Quests during the Chapter as possible to ensure you’ll have enough Strategy Points to spend on both Persaude Strategies.

To recruit Linhardt, proceed through the battle normally. You’ll need to capture a few Strongholds to the east to start out (Material Repository, Garrison) after which you’ll be directed to seize the Stronghold in the center of the map (Tower Plaza). Once that’s done, Monica will flee to the northwest and you’ll need to follow and defeat an enemy Gatekeeper. Once he’s thrashed Monica will spring her “trap”, and the battle will get pretty busy. Hanneman will take up position in a Stronghold to the east (Rear Tower Plaza) and start pelting you with AoE spells, Manuela will be protecting another Stronghold (Canalside Houses), minor reinforcements will appear, including Baron Gillingr and Viscount Essar. Constance and Linhardt will also spawn, the former appearing southwest of the Tower Plaza and the latter to the southeast. Activate the Persuade Linhardt Strategy, then seek him out and defeat him. He’ll be accompanied by several Paladins, and Linhardt himself is a Holy Knight, so axes will work wonders here. He’ll submit once he’s defeated, and you’ll be able to use him going forward.

How to Recruit Linhardt in the Golden Wildfire Route

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