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Borderlands 2


Jarrod Garripoli

On Foot Controls

Action PS3 Xbox 360 PC
Jump X A Space
Reload/Pick Up Square X --
Pick Up -- -- E
Reload -- -- R
Crouch Circle B C
Cycle Weapons Triangle Y Scroll
Move Around Left Stick Left Stick W/A/S/D
Look/Aim Right Stick Right Stick Mouse
Sprint Click Left Stick Click Left Stick Shift
Melee Click Right Stick Click Right Stick V
Action Skill L1 LB F

Vehicle Controls

Action PS3 Xbox 360 PC
Drive forward and back Left Stick Left Stick W, S
Look around / steer Right Stick Right Stick Mouse
Turret L2 LT Right Mouse Button
Front Gun R2 RT Left Mouse Button
Turbo Boost L1 LB F
Brakes R1 RB G
Swap seats Triangle Y C
Enter/Exit vehicle Square -- E
Enter vehicle -- X --
Exist vehicle -- B --
Horn L3 L3 Z
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    15 January 2015
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    7 December 2020
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    Jarrod Garripoli

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The shoot and loot FPS game has returned with a new entry, with more guns, more enemies, and more locations to explore. You play as one of four new Vault Hunters who get betrayed by Handsome Jack, the game’s main antagonist, and are out for revenge for him leaving you for dead. Jack hired you to go after a new vault, but he tried to kill you because he doesn’t want anyone going after the vault but himself. What is inside of this vault and why does Jack want it so bad?

Read our comprehensive guide, which has been reworked from scratch and contains the following:

  • Detailed walkthrough of every story mission in the main game.
  • The location of every hard-to-find Skin and Head customization in the game.
  • How to acquire most weapons and other equipment.
  • Every type of enemy listed and strategies on how to kill them.
  • How to get every single Trophy/Achievement in the main game.
  • All Borderlands 2 DLC’s covered.

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