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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 15-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 13-07-2020 / 23:16 GMT

When Level Location Rewards
Complete The Road to Sanctuary 8 Sanctuary (Bounty Board) 791 XP, Pistol or SMG

This mission can be a very tough challenge for a level 8, as you will be facing off against a lot of enemies. Your goal is to kill four specific enemies located in Southpaw Steam & Power, which is located in Three Horns - Valley. Each one has an optional objective tied to them, requiring you to kill them in a certain way. If you want to do these, make sure you have a sniper rifle, pistol, and shotgun (one of them requires melee).

Follow the waypoint marker to Three Horns - Valley, then find the entrance to Steam & Power, which is guarded by some bandits. The path in Steam & Power is fairly linear, so you shouldn't have any trouble in navigating the place. You're looking for big metal doors with a cow's skull above it, which is where the Assassins will spawn from.

Note: Each Assassin has a Unique weapon they can drop, as well as a separate one that is shared amongst all four. Also, they can drop a class-specific skin customization.

The first one is Assassin Wot , with an optional objective to kill him with a pistol. He's nothing more than a Marauder, but you need to be careful of the Badass Psycho that comes out of the gate with him. Once he's dead, pick up the ECHO Recorder and move along to the next target. It should be said that all of the enemies here will be bandits, with none of them being new, but you will want to watch out for the Psychos, as there will likely be Suicide and Burning ones mixed in with them.

All of the Assassins will be accompanied by some bandits, which can be used as Second Wind fodder while taking each down.

Assassin Oney is your next target and requires you to kill him with a sniper rifle as the optional objective. He is a Nomad and will be accompanied by Suicide Psychos. Concentrate on the latter until they're all gone, then you can waste Oney. Pick up the ECHO and move onto the next target, Assassin Reeth . As you see from your mission log, you can kill him with a melee attack for the optional objective.

Reeth is a Burning Psycho and is accompanied by a Nomad Taskmaster. The latter is basically a Nomad who carries a shield in front of him, blocking all attacks. Explosive damage, like grenades or a Torgue weapon, can penetrate the shield and hit the Taskmaster. If you do enough damage to it, it can stun the Nomad. If trying to do the optional objective, weaken Reeth with normal weapons, then melee him.

The final Assassin, Rouf , will be accompanied by not one, but two Taskmasters. Also, his area is littered with bandits and the door to him will automatically open after killing enough of them. Rouf is a Rat, who are a similar type to the Bandits, but he moves around quickly. Armed with a shotgun, he can be deadly up close, but you need to kill him with one yourself for the optional objective. That will make all four Assassins dead, so follow the path to return to the entrance and go back to Sanctuary to get your reward.

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    15 January 2015
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