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Borderlands 2

A Dam Fine Rescue

Jarrod Garripoli
Level Rewards
12 3169 XP, 4 Eridium

Start off this mission as soon as you finish the previous one, which will begin with Lilith attempting to teleport you to the Bloodshot stronghold, only it doesn’t work as planned. Follow the trail until you get back to the proper Frostburn Canyon area, then exit and grab a vehicle. Go to Three Horns - Valley and to the stronghold, where you find the entrance is closed.

Lilith recommends honking your horn, which almost makes them open the gate, only for Flanksteak to stop them and send out some bandits. Kill them all, including the one turret, then head over to the nearby travel point to go to The Dust. The initial area will be riddled with some Spiderants, as well as some Bandit vehicles, both land and air.

The majority of the enemies you will find in The Dust are bandit vehicles (left) and Spiderants (right).

Your objective for now is to get to the marker, where you’ll be introduced to someone named Ellie, who happens to be Scooter’s sister. She happens to have a Bandit Technical vehicle to fool your way inside of the Bloodshot stronghold, only she just crushed it, along with a bandit. Luckily, she happens to have a base vehicle, but will need some parts to get it up to speed with the previous one.

Go back out into the wasteland and look for the trucks driving around, so you can blow them up and then salvage the parts that drop off of them. You need a total of five pieces, so you need to destroy five vehicles. Head back to Ellie once you’ve collected them all and interact with the highlighted vehicle to build it. She will also upload it to the Catch-A-Ride system, so you now have an extra choice whenever you summon a vehicle.

Return to the Bloodshot stronghold and honk your horn again, with the idiots finally opening the gate for you. Clear out the bandits inside and as you approach the bridge, a boss will appear!

Boss: Bad Maw

The first thing you will notice with Bad Maw is that he is a Nomad with a shield. The second thing you’ll see is that he has some Midgets strapped to his shield and if you shoot the ropes tying them onto it, the midgets will be free and attack Bad Maw (and then you if they survive after Bad Maw’s death). Killing the midgets while they’re still strapped to the shield will reveal a hole in the middle of it, allowing you to inflict damage without having to try and get pot shots while running behind Bad Maw.

Bad Maw is a Nomad with a shield that has some Midgets strapped to it. If you kill the Midgets, then there will be a hole in the middle of the shield (right) that you can shoot the boss.

Once you’ve managed to kill him, loot the key from his body and use it to drop the drawbridge, letting you get inside the stronghold. The Bloodshot compound is pretty large and you’ll be facing off against a lot of bandits, including some Badasses and the newly encountered Nomad Torturers. These guys are pretty much the normal versions of Bad Maw, usually with one Midget strapped to the shield.

There will also be an enemy called a Bruiser, who just walk towards you while firing their weapons, which are usually assault rifles or SMGs. You will want to move very slowly throughout the compound, so you don’t trigger more enemies to come out than usual. In the third, large room, there will be an enemy turret to the left of the exit, so be careful.

When you get to the round room (Satan’s Suckhole), go counterclockwise to find a ramp to the second floor. After killing the initial set of enemies up here, the door on the one side will open, with Mad Mike coming out. He is a Nomad and always has a rocket launcher equipped, meaning that he can dish out some high damage if you aren’t careful.

Pass through the door he came out of and continue slaughtering the bandits until you come to Roland in a cell. Attempt to free him, only for him to get captured again by some robots. Stand back from the cell door, as an EXP Loader will detonate itself right next to it (similar to a Suicide Psycho). Not only will you still be fighting bandits, but you also have Loaders. There are many different types, but try to aim at the little red eye near the top of their bodies, as well as the joints connecting their arms and legs.

EXP Loaders will close in on you and then self-destruct (left), dealing major damage. GUN Loaders (right) are nothing more than a Bandit Marauder, except it’s a machine.

Take the travel point nearby to get to Bloodshot Ramparts, where all hell will break loose. It will be all out war against the Bloodshots and Hyperion, who will drop in a lot of Loaders as you trek your way through this area to chase after W4R-D3N. At one point, the waypoint will be behind a blocked gate that you can’t access from the one side, so you will need to go around to the east.

Eventually, you’ll reach the waypoint and see W4R-D3N there. This miniboss is a Constructor, a new enemy type for you. They can digistruct new Loaders, as well as shoot you with lasers and missiles. Since this is a pretty small place, W4R-D3N will mostly just sit there and create Loaders, with there being a chance of Badass Loaders. If you see any of them, you might want to duck behind the corner and peek/shoot whenever you can to not get overwhelmed.

As for the miniboss, it has a shield, so a shock elemental weapon is ideal to get rid of it, with a corrosive one being good when the shield is down. This part is timed and if you don’t defeat W4R-D3N fast enough, it will fly away to a new location, Friendship Gulag. Should this happen, then you’ll need to go there and defeat it to rescue Roland.

Friendship Gulag

You only have to go here if you didn’t save Roland in time at Bloodshot Ramparts, with the exit being located in The Dust. It’s a fairly small place, but it is loaded with baddies, with Loaders (mostly GUN and EXP), Surveyors and a few Hyperion human enemies being your opponents. W4R-D3N is located at the back of this place and the fight is pretty similar, although it will blast you with a laser from its eye.

You only come to Friendship Gulag (right) if you fail to save Roland in time at Bloodshot Ramparts (left).

One good tactic to quickly finishing this fight is to have something like a strong shotgun and just run up to W4R-D3N’s critical spot, unleashing hell upon it and using the normal enemies as Second Wind fodder. You could also eliminate all of the regular enemies, making it easier to fight one-on-one, but it can construct new Loaders. Once you destroy W4R-D3N, you’ll have to fend off some more Loaders before the mission will end.

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No Man Left Behind

Completed the mission "A Dam Fine Rescue"

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