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Borderlands 2

Clan War

Jarrod Garripoli

Clan War: Starting the War

When Level Location Rewards
Complete Bright Lights, Flying City 18 Bounty Board (Sanctuary) 3208 XP, $692, Assault Rifle or Pistol

Head over to Ellie in The Dust and she’ll mention that she wants to escalate the half-assed feud between the Hodunks and Zafords to a higher level. She plans on doing this by planting the other clan’s emblem after doing some “restructuring.” Go inside her garage and grab both bunches of dynamite, then go to the junkyard to grab the emblems.

With all of the items in your possession, the next thing you need to do is head on over to the Hodunk Speedway and plant one of the dynamite on the support beam. Once it goes boom, plant the Zaford emblem on the tire and head to your next objective, The Holy Spirits. This is located in The Highlands area and while you can enter The Holy Spirits (it’s its own area), you don’t want to as the objective is outside of it. Plant the charge on the tank outside, then leave the Hodunk emblem. When you’re done, head inside and talk to Mick Zaford to finish the mission.

Explosions and sabotage…two great things.

Clan War: First Place

When Level Location Rewards
Complete previous mission 16 Mick Zaford (The Holy Spirits in The Highlands) 2611 XP, $275, Shotgun or Grenade

It’s time for some “payback” for what the Hodunks did to the Zafords’ distillery, so Mick suggests going after their cars, which will be at the racetrack. Follow him into the basement and grab the explosives he provides, then head to The Dust. The racetrack is just beyond where you destroyed their sign in the previous mission.

You’ll need to place the four explosives at specific spots on the track, which will be marked on your map. If you’re having trouble getting to the correct area, then simply follow the track until you get on the bridge, where you’ll find the locations of the four spots needed. Upon finishing the placement of the explosives, you’ll need to gain a vantage point.

Luckily, there is a location near where you set the dynamite that the pyrotechnician can be found. Climb up the ladder and when ordered, kill the pyrotechnician that will be sitting on the couch. As soon as you do, the race between the Hodunks will begin. You need to wait until they are on the bridge (there’s three of them) before pressing the detonator. If any vehicles survive, you’ll have to hunt them down personally. As soon as you destroy all three vehicles, return to Ellie to finish.

Clan War: Reach the Dead Drop

When Level Location Rewards
Complete previous mission 16 Jimbo Hodunk (Hodunk Speedway in The Dust) 261 XP, $55

Jimbo, who needs a translator due to his old man gibberish, wants you to clean the Zafords’ cash stash for them. Head to The Highlands and then get to The Holy Spirits, going inside. You’ll find the Hodunk dead drop on the second floor, where this mission will end.

Clan War: End of the Rainbow

When Level Location Rewards
Complete previous mission 16 Dead Drop (previous mission) 2611 XP, Shotgun (Triquetra)

The Hodunks don’t know exactly where the Zafords keep their secret cash stash, so they want you to tail their bagman to its location. The catch is that if you get too close, you might spook him and the mission will fail; this is also the case if you happen to fire a gun too close. When you first go through the door where he is located, he will come out of the door opposite of you.

You have to be careful not to be seen by the Bagman (left). Eventually, he will lead you to the cash stash (right).

The best thing to do is to wait until he starts moving and you see his objective marker pointing down, which means he has gone down a ladder. Position yourself at the top of the ladder and continue waiting here until he has gone a consider distance from you before you drop down yourself. Listen to the bagman’s ramblings to take note on to when he’ll get to the cash stash.

Eventually, you’ll drop down another hole and will come to the Ale Wee Cavern, where you will finally be ordered to kill the bagman. He is equipped with a shotgun and likes to teleport around, so don’t be surprised to see him disappear now and then. When he does teleport, he’ll leave behind an explosive present that can cause corrosive damage, so keep an eye out for that.

Once the bagman finally goes down, loot the key he drops. Before you go to open the exit, you will notice that an optional objectice has decided to pop up, which is to loot ten stashes. These are the larger chests that usually contain ammunition, only now they contain a lot of money instead. This optional objective will disappear if you unlock the exit, so get them now if you want. Return to Jimbo Hodunk to finish the mission.

Clan War: Trailer Trashing

When Level Location Rewards
Complete previous mission 16 Steve (The Dust) 2611 XP, $137, SMG or Rocket Launcher

Mick is a little bit peeved that someone apparently from the Hodunks have killed his son, Peter (you know who did it). He plans on getting revenge by burning their trailers to the ground, with an added optional objective to get there at night so he can see them blazing. If it’s not night yet in-game, you can simply stand where you got the mission and wait until it does become night.

Also, before heading to the trailer park, which is where you got the Reach the Dead Drop mission from, you’re going to need a fire weapon. Any kind of fire weapon will do, so you don’t need to go and grab a specific one. Your goal is to go to the gas tanks attached to the four marked trailers, turn the valve to open them and then shoot them to make them go boom. While some enemies will show up, you do not have to kill them and once you make all four explode, return to Steve to finish the mission.

You’ll need a fire-elemental weapon (left) in order to ignite the gas tanks (right).

Clan War: Wakey Wakey

When Level Location Rewards
Complete previous mission 18 Jimbo Hodunk (The Dust) 3208 XP, Pistol or Shield

To get back at the Zafords for burning their homes to the ground, they want you to crash their annual wake that they are holding for Lucky. However, there is one slight problem, as they won’t let you inside of the bar unless you are drunk, so it’s time to go pound down some drinks! You can head back to Ellie’s garage and use the fast travel station to quickly get back to Sanctuary.

Once you’re there, head to Moxxi’s bar and when you go up to Moxxi herself, you’ll see a prompt to buy a lager for $5. It only takes three drinks to get yourself drunk, so head on over to The Holy Spirits in The Highlands once you are. They will allow you inside and your only order is to go wild and kill everyone. One of the better places to do this is via the second floor, as there shouldn’t be anyone there. Clean up after yourself and return to Ellie to finish.

Clan War: Zafords vs Hodunks

When Level Location Rewards
Complete previous mission 18 Ellie (The Dust) 4812 XP, SMG or Shotgun)

This is the final mission in this “silly and little” clan war between the Hodunks and Zafords. It is a relatively simple mission, where you go to the location of the fight and start shooting one of the two clans. The other one will become your ally and the mission will be over once you kill everyone of the one clan.

Now, the only problem with this mission comes from the fact that you can get two possible sets of rewards (that and the mass murder you will be committing, but that’s not a problem now, is it). You will get a unique weapon from the leader that is still alive, while the leader you kill has the chance to drop a legendary weapon. There’s also the opportunity to farm the boss over again after the mission is over.

Depending on who you side with, your reward for completing the mission will be different.

Turning in the mission to Mick will net you a Chulainn, a SMG that can inflict both slag and shock, but also slag you in the process. On the other hand, turning it into Jimbo will get you the Landscaper, a shotgun that shoots four explosives in a square-shaped pattern. For the drops, Mick can yield the Maggie, a pretty nice pistol, while Jimbo can drop the Slagga, a SMG.

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