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Borderlands 2

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Jarrod Garripoli
When Level Location Rewards
Complete The Once and Future Slab 23 Lilith (Sanctuary) 4934 XP, $304, Choice between two Relics

Lilith talks about how Jack is broadcasting some propaganda and she wants you to put a stop to it. Head over to Moxxi’s place and talk to her to get her camcorder, then use the fast travel station to go to Opportunity. When you get there, Lilith gives you three different tasks, which are to get a supply beacon, snatch three surveyor lures and kill five engineers.

These orders can be done in any order and the easiest task is to kill five engineers, as you don’t need to concentrate on one spot and will get it as you move around in Opportunity. If you head to the closest waypoint, you’ll find it is on the roof, so use one of the columns to get up there and grab the three surveyor lures. With this done, you can head to the three waypoints clumped together and places the lures on the cardboard cutouts.

You can use the slanted pillars (left) to get on top of the roof, where you'll find the surveyor lures (right).

The cutouts will be destroyed by the surveyors flying into them, so you can move onto the likely final objective. The supply beacon can be found inside a room in the Orbital Delivery Zone either, on the ground. Pick it up and run across the map, placing it on the ground next to the big crane, which will not be so big in a few seconds. All that’s left now is to broadcast your recording, which can be done at the Co-Opportunity Center. You’ll find this down below at the waypoint, which will be guarded by a few Hyperion Snipers. As soon as you upload the footage, you’re done.

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    15 January 2015
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    Jarrod Garripoli

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The shoot and loot FPS game has returned with a new entry, with more guns, more enemies, and more locations to explore. You play as one of four new Vault Hunters who get betrayed by Handsome Jack, the game’s main antagonist, and are out for revenge for him leaving you for dead. Jack hired you to go after a new vault, but he tried to kill you because he doesn’t want anyone going after the vault but himself. What is inside of this vault and why does Jack want it so bad?

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