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Borderlands 2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 15-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 29-03-2020 / 03:01 GMT

Borderlands 2 Guide

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Main Game Trophies/Achievements

Trophy/Achievement Guide, Part 1

Borderland Defender Round Two

This is the platinum trophy for the Playstation versions of the game, which is gotten by getting every other trophy in the main game. Remember that DLC trophies do not count towards this, so you are not required to get them. It isn’t a difficult platinum, although you will need to do two complete playthroughs of the main story, as well as several half ones to get the class-specific ones. There is also one online trophy in the game, but it’s very simple and doesn’t require anything complex.

Trophy/Achievement Description
First One's Free Completed the mission "MY First Gun"
Dragon Slayer Completed the mission "Best Minion Ever"
A Road Less Traveled Completed the mission "The Road to Sanctuary"
New In Town Completed the mission "Plan B"
An Old Flame Completed the mission "Hunting the Firehawk"
No Man Left Behind Completed the mission "A Dam Fine Rescue"
Wilhelm Screamed Completed the mission "A Train to Catch"
Sky's the Limit Completed the mission "Rising Action"
Trophy/Achievement Description
Can See My House From Here Completed the mission "Bright Lights, Flying City"
Farewell, Old Girl Completed the mission "Wildlife Preservation"
Got the Band Back Together Completed the mission "The Once and Future Slab"
Identity Theft Completed the mission "The Man Who Would Be Jack"
An Angel's Wish Completed the mission "Where Angels Fear to Tread"
Bombs Away Completed the mission "Toil and Trouble"
Knowing Is Half The Battle Completed the mission "Data Mining"
Cool Story, Bro Defeated Jack

Challenge Accepted

This can be a lengthy trophy/achievement, since you need to complete at least level 1 of every non-location challenge in the game. Most are pretty straightforward and will require you to switch your weapons and other equipment often to get them, such as there being five different kinds of grenades. Remember that any challenges that are locked to a certain area (for example, the Vault Symbols) do not count. There are some challenges that are not visible from the beginning and must be unlocked by completing some other ones; these are listed below.

  • Splish Splash (Rocket Launcher) - Complete Rocket and Roll level 1
  • Shield Basher (Rocket Launcher) - Complete Splish Splash level 1
  • Catch-a-Rocket! (Rocket Launcher) - Complete Splish Splash level 5
  • Sky Rockets in Flight (Rocket Launcher) - Complete Gone With the Second Wind level 1
  • Eviscerated (Sniper) - Complete Longshot level 1
  • No Scope, No Problem (Sniper) - Complete Longshot level 1
  • Surprise! (Sniper) - Complete No Scope, No Problem level 1
  • Snipe Hunting (Sniper) - Complete Longshot Headshot level 1
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault Rifle (Assault Rifle) - Complete Aggravated Assault level 1
  • This is My Gun (Assault Rifle) - Complete This is My Rifle level 1
  • Shotgun Sniper (Shotgun) - Complete Open Wide! level 5
  • Quickdraw (Pistol) - Complete The Killer level 1
  • Pistolero (Pistol) - Complete Deadeye level 1
  • A Squall of Violence (Melee) - Complete Fisticuffs! level 1

Goliath, Meet David

Goliaths are one of the bandit-type enemies that you will encounter in the game, and are large enemies that wear a helmet on their heads. Shoot this helmet off and they will go berserk, killing both friend and you, with no discrimination. Should they kill another enemy, you will notice a flashing animation that results in the Goliath leveling up. You will need a Goliath to level up four times in this manner, reaching GOD-liath, before killing him yourself. It takes a total of 10 enemies for them to reach GOD-liath.


Went Five Rounds

There are three Circle of Slaughters in the main game of Borderlands 2, with one being DLC (one more in the Tiny Tina DLC). They are arenas that have you fighting through five rounds of increasingly difficult enemies, with each round consisting of a number of waves. Bandit Slaughter can be accessed from The Fridge (Fink’s Slaughterhouse), and Hyperion Slaughter is located in Ore Chasm (accessible from Eridium Blight). Creature Slaughter Dome is the DLC one and is located in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Magic Slaughter is the name of the one included in the Tiny Tina DLC. Out of all of them, the easiest is probably the Bandit Slaughter one.


Level Trophies/Achievements

Level 50 is the non-DLC level cap in Borderlands 2 and if you’re pushing for it, then it will require you to do at least two full playthroughs of the game with a single character. You should get the other level-based trophies/achievements in the first playthrough, as most people tend to finish it at around level 30 or so. While you can simply go around and kill enemies non-stop, it’s a good idea to do the side missions for experience, as you will be killing things while doing those.


Sugar Daddy

Upon arriving in Sanctuary, you will find Moxxi located in Moxxi’s Bar, which has a tip jar sitting on the counter. There are two options to tip her either $100 or $1,000, and you need to tip her a total of $10,000.


Decked Out

The loot in Borderlands 2 is rated by their color, with white being the most common and orange being the rarest (in the main game). The order of the colors goes white, green, blue, purple, magenta (E-Tech) and orange, and you will need purple or better in all of your equipment slots. That includes the four weapon slots, grenade mod, class mod, relic and shield. Remember that bosses have a higher chance of dropping some better loot, but all of it is random. The Sheriff of Lynchwood has a rare chance to drop the Sheriff’s Badge, which is a purple rarity relic.


Sabre Rattler

Upon hitting level 5, you can buy the action skill for Axton, which allows him to place a turret down to help attack enemies. The turret will need to get the last shot on the enemy for it to count, so make sure you either go to an area with weak enemies or you use it a lot while playing. The Guerrilla skill tree has a few skills that can help with this trophy/achievement.


Phased and Confused

At level 5, you will be able to purchase the action skill for Maya, called Phaselock. This allows you to suspend an enemy in the air, inside of a bubble of sorts, letting you get free shots on them. Note that not all enemies in the game can be Phaselocked, such as bosses and certain big enemies, with Phaselock dealing damage to those instead. Thankfully, you don’t need to kill any enemies to make progress on this trophy/achievement, as simply performing the action skill is enough.


So Much Blood!

At level 5, you will be able to purchase the action skill for Salvador, called Gunzerking. This will let you wield two guns at the same time, allowing you to fire both, for a max of 20 seconds. In order to maintain Gunzerking for over 90 seconds, you will need to level Salvador to at least 21, but level 25 is preferred. The two skills that will help with this are Last Longer and Yippie Ki Yay, both of which are in the Rampage skill tree.

Last Longer will increase your Gunzerking duration for 3 seconds per level (max of 15 seconds), while Yippie Ki Yay increases it by 0.6 seconds for each kill you get while in Gunzerker mode (max of 3 seconds). With both of these skills maxed, you will need to kill a minimum of 19 enemies in order to reach 90 seconds, so pick an area with low level enemies and go to town.


Cute Loot

A Chubby is a rare spawn of certain enemy types and are similar to Badasses, although they are not as strong or have as much health. There are only seven types of enemies that can have a Chubby variant, which are Midgets, Rakks, Skags, Spiderants, Stalkers, Varkids and Bones, the last one being exclusive to the Tiny Tina DLC. It’s possible to go through the whole game without seeing one, and if you do, just go to an area with a lot of the above enemies to increase your chances. Note that if you have the Torgue DLC, you will be guaranteed a Chubby Rakk in the "Gas Guzzlers" side mission.


Tribute to a Vault Hunter

Michael (John) Mamaril is a NPC that spawns in Sanctuary and is based on a real-life person who died at the young age of 22. The NPC doesn’t always spawn and there are ten possible locations for him to spawn at in the game. By talking to him, he will give you an item and you will get the trophy/achievement whenever you do get an item from him.

  • Crimson HQ, in room with Tannis
  • Near bar in Moxxi's Bar
  • In room across from Hammerlock in Moxxi's Bar
  • Just left of Black Market
  • Inside Marcus Munitions
  • Underneath stairs, next to some tires, in Scooter's garage
  • Near newstand in main plaza
  • Inside Zed's Clinic
  • In alley near Moxxi's front entrance
  • Near Claptrap, in front of a building at end of the street

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