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Borderlands 2

Hunting the Firehawk

Jarrod Garripoli
Level Rewards
10 1736 XP, $27, Class Mod

It seems the Firehawk has taken Roland and he wants you to come to Frostburn Canyon. To get there, you need to go to Three Horns - Divide and find the bridge that goes up and then down, making it seem like it’s a jump like when you first got to this location. All of the bandits right outside of the travel point are fire-based, including Burning Psychos and Nomad Pyros.

This is likely your first encounter with the latter, who carry an assault rifle and are immune to incendiary damage. Otherwise, they are similar to all the other Nomads you’ve faced thus far. When you’re ready, use the travel point to go to Frostburn Canyon, where you’ll see some bandits running by, completely ignoring you. As the mysterious lady points out, there will be signs pointing you in the direction of the Firehawk’s lair, which are nothing but bodies hung up (the objective markers will be pointing you to each one).

You’ll encounter a new enemy in this area, the Goliath. It’s a big, hulking brute-like bandit that slowly walks towards you, usually armed with an assault rifle. They wear helmets on their head and should you shoot them there, the helmet will fly off, sending them into a frenzy. When enraged, they will go after both friends and you, with them leveling up as they kill a certain amount of enemies.

If you knock the mask/helmet off of Goliaths (left), they will go berserk and attack anyone. They can level up and become stronger (right) if they kill enough enemies.

Your quest through Frostburn Canyon will lead you through a cave, with this one being home to some Spiderants. Their fronts are armored to a certain point, with their backside (the abdomen) being their critical hit spot. There will be a few bandits at the beginning of the cave and should the two species meet, they will fight amongst themselves. If that happens, clean up the leftovers and move on.

As you exit the cave and are in a tunnel of sorts, some Badass Psychos will pop up in front of you (one at first, then another after you kill the first). Be careful around these, as they can put a dent in you rather easily. More Spiderants will show up after that, then more bandits at Ashmouth Camp. Clear out this place and you are ever closer to the Firehawk’s lair.

The tunnel leading out of Ashmouth Camp is lined with a few traps, mainly pipes sticking out of the walls that spew fire forth whenever you get close enough. They are pretty easy to dodge and one will require you to duck underneath, while another will need you to jump over it. There will be a few more Badass Psychos amidst the traps, then you’ll be free until you get to Firehawk’s Lair.

You will run into some Badass Psychos (left) along the path to Firehawk’s Lair. There will also be some traps that spew streams of fire when you get near them (right).

Don’t worry about the Bruisers firing in the arena, as they will be killed shortly by the Firehawk, who turns out to be none other than Lilith! Whenever she asks for you to revive her, go up and hold the button shown to do that. Next, she’ll ask you to retrieve an Eridium nugget for her, which is located in one of the small safes in the back. Hand it over to her and she’ll use it to get some energy back.

If you were getting bored before, it’ll be time to fight some bandits, who come busting in like they own the place. The entire first wave will be nothing but Psychos, with a Badass Psycho thrown in at the end for some slight variety. The second wave will consist of another Badass Psycho at the beginning, then Marauders and more normal Psychos, then two more Badasses at the end. Grab another Eridium chunk for Lilith, then talk to her to end the mission.

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An Old Flame

Completed the mission "Hunting The Firehawk"

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