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Borderlands 2

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Bright Lights Flying City

Jarrod Garripoli
Level Rewards
18 4812 XP, $69, SDU Weapon Equip Slot

The door leading to The Fridge is iced over, so Angel decides to help you out. Travel to The Fridge now and follow the path as it goes, defeating the Rats that inhabit the area, as well as some Rakk that interfere with your friendly conversations with the Rats. Eventually, you will reach the bottom area of the map, which house a new enemy called Crystalisks.

Crystalisks are easy to kill, as long as you know where to hit them. See the crystals on their legs? Those are their critical hit points and if you shoot off all three of them, the Crystalisk will be no more. Continue your fighting until you get to another door that needs opened by turning a valve. Do this and than hit the switch to make the elevator move downwards, leading to a travel point that goes to The Highlands - Outwash.

You will see Sanctuary phase into existance in the background and luckily, there’s a fast travel station at the entrance here. The bad news is that Sanctuary isn’t on the list, so you’ll need to reactivate it so it is again. You’ll be introduced to another new enemy type here, the Stalkers. As long as they have their shields, they are able to cloak themselves, so a shock weapon is very good for them.

Hit the Crystalisks (left) on their legs to quickly kill them. Stalkers (right) are one of the more annoying enemies to deal with, since they can turn invisible if they have shield remaining.

You’ll eventually run into Loaders (HOT Loaders) fighting with some Stalkers, so either help them both out or run past them until you eventually reach an area with some water running through most of it. As you approach the bridge, an EXP Loader will pop out and blow up the console, raising the bridge (it’s possible to destroy it before it does though). That means you’re going to have to find another way across.

Nearby, there are some stairs that lead up to a crane of sorts that goes across the water. Hit the switch, the board it when it gets to your side, then wait until it crosses to the other. As you approach the big door, a Constructor will appear, so you will need to be careful. If you should happen to die, you can snipe the Constructor from the other side, but you need to watch out for its missile attack, as well as Loaders that make it to your side.

Move along to find the lunar supply beacon, but as you approach it, the beacon gets swallowed by a Gluttonous Thresher. This is likely your first encounter with a thresher, who looks like a squid of sorts on land. Its tentacles will come out of the ground and attack you from below, as well as slap you with them if you get too close. Threshers don’t normally have a shield, but this one does because of the beacon. Go crazy on it and it will die fast, dropping the beacon.

As soon as it goes kerplat (or during the fight), some Loaders will show up, so take care of them and loot the beacon. Your next objective is to go to the town of Overlook, located in The Highlands, with a conveniently placed travel point right near your position. Depending on the route you take, you might run into some Loaders and Hyperion Personnel, but once you get to Overlook, Angel will instruct you on what to do.

Don't be fooled by how easy it looks like to grab the lunar beacon (left), as when you get close enough, a Gluttonous Thresher comes out of the ground to swallow it (right).

Go to the objective marker and place the beacon, and get ready for pain and chaos. As the fast travel link is set up, Jack will send a plethora of Loaders on your position, and boy will there be a lot. They will mostly consist of GUN and EXP Loaders, with a few Surveyors thrown in to annoy you greatly. Later on in the cluster of enemies, he will also send in a Constructor and the very last wave will include HOT Loaders.

Despite the objective saying to protect the beacon, if it does get damaged enough, you won’t automatically fail the mission. In fact, you will be ordered to go to the beacon and “repair” it by just interacting with it. If the beacon gets destroyed enough times, then it will come to a point where it won’t take anymore damage at all, so you just have to finish.

Since there’s a respawn station right outside the town and the event doesn’t reset upon death, just keep killing until all of the robots are scrap metal. Eventually, the link will be fixed and you will finally be able to fast travel to Sanctuary once more. Upon arriving, meet up with your fellow hunters again to finish the mission.

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