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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 15-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 01-04-2020 / 17:10 GMT

Borderlands 2 Guide

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How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

Get Frosty

In order to start this DLC, you’ll need to be at least level 15 and then pick Marcus’ Mercenary Shop from the fast travel station. Start off by talking to Marcus, who wants you to go to Gingerton to check up on a shipment of trains he sent and hasn’t heard about arriving yet. As you go outside, just follow the marker on your map until you run into some Yetis.

Despite the name, these enemies look and behave just like Bullymongs from the main game, so there isn’t anything new to report about there. When you get to the front gate of the town, a Badass Yeti will bust through it and attack, so put him and his buddies down, then enter the town. It looks like the town has been frozen over and Marcus is worried about losing repeat customers, so he sends you off to check the town’s furnace.

You’ll encounter some more Yetis along the way and when you get to Frost Bottom Station, you’ll find that the furnace is out of coal. Follow the trail over to the bunch of snowmen, only for them to come alive and attack you! Luckily for you, they aren’t really dangerous, as they only seem to try to get close to melee you; also, they have critical spots on their head, making them easy targets.

The Yetis are nothing more than Bullymongs with a different name.

Now, you just need to track down the train for Marcus, so follow the tracks nearby to a blocked tunnel, which will trigger some more snowmen to spawn. Go through the short tunnel and you’ll encounter some Snow Bandits here, who are not any different than their normal counterparts. You’ll happen upon a bridge that has been frozen over, so ignore it and drop down into the area below it, to find some more bandits. If you go to the dead end nearby, you’ll find a red loot chest, as well as quite a few Yetis and snowmen.

Head back to the little encampment with the bandits and find the trail that leads upward, where you’ll find Marcus’ train being stolen by some bandits. Clear them all out, including the Badass Yeti pulling the train and possibly a Goliath, then you’ll need to clear the ice from the bridge nearby. Thankfully, all you have to do is shoot each piece of ice from the bridge, then the train will start moving, as long as you’re close to it.

Note: Make sure you open the presents, as they usually contain a lot of money and sometimes even Eridium!

Eventually, the train will stop due to Tinder Snowflake creating an ice blockage, then will send his minions to attack you. There will be quite a number of snowmen and bandits here, so keep fighting them until you’re given the clear and the train will bust through the ice. When it reaches the town, dump the coal as instructed and turn the power back on, then go and talk to Timothy in the town, who wants you to kill Snowflake. You should be able to find the trail that will lead to the frozen lake, where you will find some bells on the opposite end, upon ringing them, will summon Tinder Snowflake.

Boss: Tinder Snowflake

Snowflake can be quite a challenging boss, especially if you’re not well-equipped. The first thing you will notice is that he can burrow underground, similar to Threshers, but his head will be sticking out a bit. Unfortunately, you can’t damage him while he’s underground and he will move pretty quickly, chasing you and then popping up, dealing some nice damage. One nice spot to go to avoid this attack (and a few others of his) is the little cave by where you dropped into the arena.

Besides burrowing, Snowflake can toss a large snowball at you, which will spawn one of the smaller snowmen, in addition to dealing damage. He can also take a snowball and hit it with his cane, like a golf ball, although this doesn’t seem to spawn a normal snowman. To add on to his attacks, he can throw his candy cane into the ground, where it will explode, and he also has a frost breath attack. One more attack he can do is swing his cane around and slam it on the ground, sending you into the air.

Snowflake is invincible when he's underground (left). The cave where you dropped into the arena (right) makes for a nice, safe haven.

The main thing you will want to keep in mind in this battle is to avoid killing the small snowmen, as they will be useful if you happen to go down and need a Second Wind. Of course, Snowflake seems to spawn the frost breath attack when you’re down, making it hard to aim. If you want an easier time with this battle, simply stay in the cave, where the only attack seems like it can reach you is the frost breath. Aim for his head, as it’s a critical hit spot and he’ll go down in no time.

After finally bringing Tinder Snowflake down, wait until you can grab his hat, which will finish him off for good. Since Marcus seems to be in a good mood, he’ll reward you by letting you grab some stuff from his train. Head back to town and open up the train to find all kinds of goodies. Pick up whatever you want (you can take it all if you wanted), then talk to Timothy to end the mission.

Note: You are able to go back anytime to fight Snowflake again, which will also spawn the train afterwards. This is a fantastic way to get some nice gear and tons of Eridium!

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