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Borderlands 2

Hyperion Machines

Jarrod Garripoli

The Hyperion class of enemies are split into two big groups, humanoid ones and mechanical ones. You will find the humanoid enemies detailed on this page.


Constructors are giant robots that crash onto the ground, sit in one place and are akin to factories. They can create Loaders and Surveyors, as well as attack you with plenty of strong moves in their arsenal, making them one of the more dangerous enemies in the game. The Constructors’ weak spot is the red eye on the front and if hit enough while it’s making new enemies, it can disrupt the process. Luckily, it can only perform one action at a time, so if it’s making enemies, it can’t do anything else.

In addition to creating the new enemies, Constructors can fire a laser from its eye and shoot homing missiles at you. They can also shoot a larger missile that has a large explosion, as well as slam the ground if you get too close, releasing a fire-elemental shockwave from it. Badass Constructors has autocannons on them, which are considered separate units, so if you’re facing one, then you can use those as Second Wind fodder.


Surveyors are small, robotic machines that like to fly around and can provide support to all other Hyperion robots. This includes healing them, as well as constructing shields for them. Repair Surveyors will heal, while Shield Surveyors will regenerate/repair shields. They are rather weak and will most likely die in a few hits, but their agility makes them harder than normal to hit. It’s best to wait until they’re either providing support to swooping down to attack you before attempting to shoot them.


Loaders come in a lot of varieties and are one of the main enemies you will be fighting later in the game. Most Loaders share a similar critical spot, one of which is the red “eye” near the top of their bodies. Some also have their joints as weak points and if enough damage is taken on them, you can blow the arms and legs off, leaving the Loaders crawling on the ground or even harmless, pretty much. The types of Loaders are as follows:

  • ARR Loader - Variant of the GUN Loader, with Assault Rifle in one hand and grenades in the other. It can also do a laser attack (exclusive to Scarlett DLC).
  • BUL Loader - Carries a bulldozer blade on the one arm, which blocks shots. It can also transform into a bulldozer to charge at you.
  • EXP Loader - Will run at you when you get close enough, then explode. They will also explode when you have depleted all their health.
  • GUN Loader - Equipped with a rifle on one arm and able to toss grenades with the other.
  • HOT Loader - Fires flames from a distance, as well as grenades, or uses a flamethrower up close. Tanks on their back are another weak spot, and be careful when they die, as they explode.
  • ION Loader - Can deploy a shield that blocks all bullets, but allows friendly bullets to pass. If you go inside, then you will take heavy shock damage. They can also fire electric bolts at you from a distance.
  • JET Loader - Can transform into a jet and fly through air, shooting explosive rounds at you. On the ground, it is similar to GUN Loader, but can also use rocket launchers and sniper rifles.
  • JNK Loader - Similar to a GUN Loader, although they are weaker individually. Be careful of their numbers.
  • LWT Loader - Essentially a walking treasure chest that can grab loot off the ground.
  • PWR Loader - Uses the blades on their arms to perform melee attacks, as well as spin them around to create a shield of sorts, deflecting bullets.
  • RPG Loader - Two rocket packs on its back that can’t be destroyed, as well as a rocket launcher. Can do massive damage, so they should be taken out first.
  • SGT Loader - Cannot hit their joints due to the shielding around them, but eye still is a weak spot. Can carry identical weapons in both hands (everything sans rocket launchers)
  • WAR Loader - Have large cannons as arms that can put quite a hurting on you.
  • Badass Loader - A combination of the SGT, WAR and RPG Loaders. Very dangerous and the number on priority if they are within the enemy ranks.
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