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Borderlands 2

The Overlooked

Jarrod Garripoli

The Overlooked: Medicine Man

When Level Location Rewards
Complete Bright Lights, Flying City 18 Scooter (Sanctuary) 3208 XP, $692, Skin Customization

Scooter mentions that Rolands wants you to check out the town of Overlook and see if they need any help. You’ll find Overlook in The Highlands and when you get there, inspect the door to talk with a woman named Karima. She mentions that the town is dying from a brain disease and asks you to retrieve three shipments of medication to cure them.

The first order of business is to fix their dispensary machine in the town, which you can do by removing the clock tower’s power supply. You can get to it by climbing two ladders, the first of which is on ground level. Once you climb that one, you’ll need to jump across a small gap that separates the two buildings, where you’ll find the second ladder that lets you reach the power supply. Remove it, drop back to the ground, then plug it into the machine, buying the shivers medicine.

Climb the ladder (left) and jump across a small gap (right) to get to the power supply.

The second medication is being carried by a travelling Hyperion requisition officer that is wandering around The Highlands. He is a Hyperion Engineer with a vendor on his back, escorted by two Loaders. Kill them all, then purchase the second medicine from the vendor. The final one is in a crate that you open up, but is being guarded by Threshers. Take them all out before attempting to go after the vending machine with the medicine. Distribute the medicine back at Overlook, then return to Karima to finish the mission.

The Overlooked: Shields Up

When Level Location Rewards
Complete previous mission 18 Karima (The Highlands) 4812 XP, $173, SMG or Shield

With the brain situation solved, Karima wants your help in protecting the town from the moonshot blitzes. To do this, she plans on creating a shield similar to Sanctuary’s, which she will do from spare shields that you have in your inventory. You only need five shields and any kind will do; you can either wait for them to drop from enemies or buy them from the health vending machines.

Once you have five shields, go to the grinder and manually drop each one into it by going into your inventory and pressing the button to drop them. It’s a good idea to do it one at a time to avoid any possible glitchiness that may occur. Each time you drop a shield into the grinder, a shield part will pop out, which is what you need to give to Karima. Bring her five shield parts, then you’ll be done with the mission.

The Overlooked: This Is Only a Test

When Level Location Rewards
Complete previous mission 18 Karima (The Highlands) 3208 XP, Shield

Karima has constructed a shield for the town of Overlook and wants to test it out by using a Hyperion mortar on the town. This mortar is located in the Aggregate Acquisition area of The Highlands and if you didn’t clear it out beforehand, you’ll encounter a lot of Loaders there. Once you arrive at the mortar, use the controls when prompted and the first shot will go off, ending with Dave getting his house relocated. Do this a second and return to Karima to finish.

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